Raising up a child in a good neighborhood requires meticulous thoughts and considerations before you get to pick a particular place of residence. Making up a decision for a place may happen even before you set to have a child as you get acquainted with the place at hand.

Everyone wants their child/children to grow up in safe neighborhoods, free from any harmful effects, whether socially, environmental and to some extent even political. Where they are nurtured and always feel loved. Neighborhoods where the child will remember happy moments once they are older and possibly mold them into becoming responsible and respectable adults in the society.

Kiambu town is a small town. Research shows small town offers amenities at close proximities which the kids may love. These should be enough to attract you into my town. Here are ten reasons why any young mother should choose Kiambu Town to nurture their child.

  1. Close proximity to Nairobi’s CBD

Nairobi city is so close and with it comes the ease of access to most social amenities a busy capital offers. This is a plus as it may be close to family and friends.

Commuting times to and fro the CBD is relatively low at less than 30 Minutes when their no traffic snarl up. This will enable you to work in the CBD and still live in Kiambu Town.

Public transportation to and fro Nairobi is relatively inexpensive.

  1. The presence of a General Hospital (and other health care facilities)

Healthcare facilities are important at any given stage in life. Having a child makes it even more relevant as the need to attend regular clinic checkups up until they are 5 years of age is crucial. Ease of access to good health care can increase your child’s quality of life in a huge way.

Kiambu Town has a general hospital (Kiambu District Hospital) and a good number of clinics such as the Aga Khan University Hospital and other accredited health care facilities which are affordable and provide good health care.

  1. Secure

No one wants to live or raise their children in a high-crime area but that doesn’t mean that everyone can live where crime never happens (a perfect society).

Kiambu town is offers a safe place to live with the close proximity of a police station which is ready to help 24/7 all year through.

  1. Fresh and affordable produce at hand

Food is essential for living, especially for growing little humans. Kiambu Town being near large cultivation areas and fertile land offers a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses and even meat and dairy products from farm to table.

Since there is little or no transport cost required for the produce to reach its consumers, the food is relatively affordable.

This will surely increase your savings and reduce mental stress and you will be able to feed your small family on a daily basis without having to worry about abrupt rise in food prices at any given time of the year.

  1. Karura Forest is a stone throw away


When you need to recharge and take in a clean fresh breathe of air, Karura Forest is very close to Kiambu Town you could actually name it your weekend gate-away so near home. The best part is, is very affordable at only Kshs 100 at the gate.

Activities you could do; walk, run, ride a bike, have a picnic as you enjoy the tranquility nature offers. This is a good place to let your little one burn up all his/her energy and by the time the day is over, all they will want to do is sleep.

  1. Affordable

Living within your means is crucial, especially when you have a little person to think about other than your usual self. Kiambu town offers affordability in terms of housing (from as low as Kshs 5000) consumable food and utility bills such as electricity and water that come with leaving on your own.

Getting an affordable place to live will ensure you save up for future plans and expenses. You also get to set your priorities right and discover what matters and what doesn’t in the now.

Yes, we still want to have the chance to spoil ourselves and feel good about ourselves as we grow, learn and run our own race. Living an affordable life will eventually proof worthwhile in the end.

These are the things we should consider when choosing an affordable place to live; the future and the now.

  1. Education

As our little ones grow, their developmental skills also grow. They become curious and the questions begin. We all want the best education for our children. Kiambu town offers a number of schools from daycare to pre-school on wards either within or at close vicinity.

You can choose whichever system of education you like, the location and even the type of school you can be able to meet the expense of.

  1. Awesome Climate

Climate plays an important role in our lives as it impacts our behavior, hobbies and sometimes even our jobs. Living in the climate which you are comfortable with has an effect on you and your child’s mental health and well being as a whole.

Kiambu town weather is favorable. Not extremely cold nor extremely hot. Choose wisely.

  1. Employment opportunities

Depending on your educational background you can work and live in Kiambu town. This is a plus for anyone as it keeps you closer to home.

The places of work include banks, insurance companies, supermarkets, hospitals and clinics, stalls, government offices and even schools.

All I’m saying is, if you get a job opportunity position in Kiambu, don’t be afraid to move in.

If you are the entrepreneur type you could as well start your own business or even have your own side hustle.


  1. Availability of water

Children can be messy and they also smell good at the same time. Kiambu town ensures you keep a clean lifestyle avoiding contamination with the availability of clean and safe drinking water.

Water is provided by Kiambu water and Sanitation Company and in the case of a water shortage most households have water tanks to ensure continuous supply of water.

Kiambu town like all other residential areas has its pros and cons as there are no utopic societies. In choosing a new place to live you must determine what is important to you and your family.

Where is your area of residence and why would you encourage a young mother or anyone else, for that matter, to live there?

By Miss. Vicki


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