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Pink Nation 2

What is B.S.E? Breast Self Examination is where one checks for any difference such as lumps or change in the appearance of their breast. Check both the breasts and the armpits in this case. During examination check for lumps, discharge, bleeding of the nipple, itchy or scaly skin on the breast, if you have been feeling pain on one spot ...

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Our Angels Have Rights

A strange mixture of fear and joy comes to all parents as they are from the hospital with their firstborns in the vehicle. There is a powerful sense of transition and new beginning and yet fear as well. It is a fear closely attached to question “what do I do with this fragile human being?” it is  healthy fear both ...

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Pink Nation

On 18th October courtesy of Amira Africa and its board of directors we were able to gather the different pink tribes. To show solidarity and support for all those battling cancer, and all those who have survived cancer as well. October being the world’s breast cancer awareness month we thought best to create awareness in this simplest manner. Simple ways ...

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The Leaders of the Pride

Many a time we praise the young mother for choosing life amidst all the stigmatization and challenges that come with this new phase of life, yet we forget the young fathers. Instead we will be there to shun and talk for hours about all those who left their baby mamas and children. A page was created the other day on ...

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Living, Moving, Breathing

[youtube=] * Beautiful life inside Living, moving, breathing So let hope arise God knew what he was doing when He gave Beautiful, beautiful life   Dear sister, I hear the place you at I know there ain’t nothing easy about going through that There’s a baby in your womb But you wasn’t trying to do that You’d take it all ...

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You Must Never Go There!

Hello Amira (princess) 🙂 I am just from laughing at these Rongai memes not knowing that it would lead to to a post today. Would like you to imagine carrying a 90kg man on your back from town to Rongai? I bet you by the time you reach the railway club you shall have died from exhaustion or probably just ...

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