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Orange Your World Kenya

The other day I thought that it was high time that our education system incorporates a subject or unit in our curriculum that will teach our children about gender based violence and its effects and how we can fight it as a society. Then I thought how easy this will be if I was perhaps the cabinet secretary of education ...

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We Are Born of Women

By Miss Kioi We are born of women, raised by women. So tell me why, why do we mistreat our women, rape our women, abuse our women, and beat our women? What is it that makes a random woman, a wife, a girlfriend different from our sisters, our mothers our sisters? Why is it acceptable to show an act of ...

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I Am Not About To Keep Quiet Any Time Soon

This month the UN Women are focusing on the social, health and economic costs of violence against women around the world. Statistics has it that one in three women are being violated and more than 70percent of women have been violated in their life. Violence does not necessarily have to be physical it can take the form of physiological or ...

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Don’t Say That

The other day my friend got a baby and after talking for hours we found ourselves venting at all the different things people tell you when you are a new mother. Here is a list of some of the questions you must not ask or statements you mustn’t say: 1. Are you tired? For sure she is. It takes months ...

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