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Being young parents we have a group of our friends who are not yet parents and sometimes, they tend to have these negative dreams for our children. What do I mean by negative dreams though? Once in a while I get to hear disturbing sentences such as “This will be my drinking buddy when he is 18years, you will be ...

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Okadia Fiona (captain4)

Everyone seems to love to call me Okadia or “fii” so either of the two is cool with me, though I noticed those not so close will call me Fiona, always sounds weird. Well, I have a son his name is Chiiwo (gift) and he is really living up to his name showering me with all kinds of gifts this ...

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Soni Waruri (captain3)

They call me Soni waruri…mother to a beautiful daughter called Nela who turned 1year recently..well i come off shy at first but once we get to know each other i open up..I am friendly and very caring. I take my friends as my family.I love poetry..which I do as a hobby and swimming…also I love looove watching movies and weird ...

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What Waangari Maathai shared with me the other day.

After employing  a social media manager I  must say I have had a few minutes or hours to myself and decided to be spending time reading books, so for the past one and a half weeks I have read this amazing book by Wangari Maathai. I know we all know her and her amazing journey with the Green belt movement. ...

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Enam: Mr. Chiiwo , how are you sir? Chiiwo: Couldn’t be better, 2015 is proving to be an awe so amazing year! How are you? Your people? Enam; Good stuff!  We all splendid. Got my dreads the other day. Chiiwo: My mother would never sleep if I came home with plaited hair, dreads or a piercing; she is the old ...

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Sometimes after giving birth women tend to feel not as sharp as before. It is not that after babies your IQ changes, it is more of your priorities change therefore you seem to forget the not so important things but when it comes to matters of your baby for sure we all seem to remember, like their bath times, their ...

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