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Things Not to Tell A Single Mother

Hey! How is the going? Well I have been so busy of late trying to do a lot of school work here and there and today I just felt like putting up three posts to cover for the time I was missing in action and this is my last and third post for the day. …but wait!!!!…. before I talk ...

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Giving a Newborn Baby a Bath

My mum had to travel when my son was a few weeks old so it was time I faced my fears and bathed my baby. I remember looking at my human lying on the bed and thinking, this is it baba! It is about to go down! I am doing this and then every time I was about to pick ...

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Baby Daddy is Back

“I sometimes sit down and wonder how I will react when baby daddy finally comes back. After such a long time of being a super woman and raising this baby by myself as a modern single mother I get that call or it might be a text. No! Wait! We bump into each other in town *yes let us just ...

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Step Up! For the Women We Love

Over the recent years cancer has become a common word in our sentences and there has also been a lot of misconceptions about what can and can’t cause cancers, which am sure we have at one time or another come across them. we all know someone personally or not so who has been affected by cancer. On Saturday I had ...

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