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Baby Talk with Enam 2

I pray your week is going on well. Welcome back to our blog. 🙂 If you missed part one of the baby talk with Enam, Here it is, been forever since I finished this story. Decided to finish all the part two’s and threes of some of the blog posts before I stop blogging for a while. Learn,  Enam: It ...

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Amira Mumentorship Mentors

I was going to start this post with, I hope you are enjoying your holiday and realised it is only I going through the wake up! Eat! Blog! Sleep! Change diapers! Bask in the sun! blog! Sleep! Empty the potty. Yeey! Amira grows and every time we incorporate different programs into the system with the hope to help mothers out ...

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Forgiveness IS HEALING For Your Soul.

Hey there,   It is official Radisson blue is the truth! I love it. It is so beautiful. If I was to rate it, I would comfortably give it number one in Nairobi! Take me back there and don’t make me leave 🙂 I shared some of the pictures on my instagram, @fionaokadia, feel free to follow me as well.  ...

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I just want to say, I love Amira readers! You guys did a great job campaigning for the blog to win in this year’s blog awards 2016, as I was preparing and reading for examinations, we were second with a difference of 6 votes. 6! That is like the total number of my family, lol. Anyway, onto today’s post. I ...

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Forgiveness is Power Back to you!

I finally was able to finish my parenting classes the other week; I already miss my fellow mothers and facilitators. I am already wondering what I will be engaging in on Saturday morning, been a while since I slept in late for I am always up by 6am least Ashley leaves me. One constant thing I took out from the ...

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