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Combined oral contraceptive pill.

I will be honest, of all contraceptive methods, according to me; I find this as the most cumbersome one. One has to take them every single day at the same time (whether you have sex or not) as long as you are prescribed to it and at a specific time to prevent pregnancy. We had talked about the introduction of ...

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Buying My Three Year Old His Own Smart Phone.

Growing up, play time was the real deal. I was so into outdoor activities; riding bikes, playing with sand and mud, jumping sticks, hide  and seek etc. My best though was ‘dufumpararo’ where we would swim in the minnie tankers that masonries would use to store water  as they build. Funny how we would keep some of the ‘fish’ we ...

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Single Mothers And The Men Who Love Them.

When we have numerous churches turning away single mothers because maybe, just maybe their sin of fornication is greater than our sins of lying, cheating etc. Yesterday CITAM  valley road opened it’s doors to single mothers and also some single fathers as well. Stigma for young mums is common everywhere and when I heard about boy meets girl: single mothers ...

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Hey mums and dads! Looking for something to do with the kids  just before they open school for the second term? Amira Africa is hosting a one of a kind memorable event for the kids dubbed the Mascot Festival that would for sure guide you on that thought. I would have given anything to have a picture of me as ...

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