It has truly been a long time before I sat down and wrote down a blog post. So I was on my whatsApp busy sending the link for the Red carpet event that is being hosted by SUPAMAMAS on 27th June to all the young mothers in my circle and kept on getting messages from them asking me where I have been hibernating from since it has been a long time since I did a blog post. So I decided that the best time to act on something sometimes is when it comes to your attention. Right? Procrastinate for whom?, lol.

I recently joined the young mums club that was started by Danielle Ford and the very first day I was fortunate to read from her a manual she wrote that is titled 7 STEPS TO BECOMING A KICK ASS YOUNG MUM.” Sooooo…. I have decided to share with you these seven steps hoping that they will help you to become a better young mother.


Have gratitude for what you have.

Most stories I have heard, young mothers are always complaining that their co parents are not doing this or that yet we forget that we have friends and family who hold our back every single time. Honestly, I am guilty as charged, there was a time at random I asked myself why my co parent is unbothered about his own blood but then I realized that not a single day have my baby and I lacked because we have people who are there for us not because they are forced to but because they willingly want to be. So I have learned to respect his decision not to want to be part of this by show of his actions and count my blessing one by one and I am surprised at what I have every single day.*story for another day* so be thankful young mothers for everything that you have.

Tell the world to “suck it”

I do not know much really but a lot of people seem to think once you are a young mother, your life is over, there goes your dream and aspirations out of the door. You will hear words such as “such a shame!” Well, if someone is not building you then I suggest you do not listen to their negative remarks and just ignore them. The likes of Muthoni Njoba and Victoria Rubadiri are always an inspiration to me to be honest.

However should be noted that I am not advocating that young women should live run out there, get babies and shout “suck it!” to the whole world, No! I am saying, do not let it bring you down, you are here now, make the best of it and avoid any negative waves from the world.




Become a visionary

You have the power to create whatever vision you choose for yourself. Have you ever come across some quote,*wait is it even a quote?* that says garbage in, garbage out or better yet: you get the exact same thing that you send out? Well, it is what we do with our thoughts that counts. That which you think, you become so please control your thoughts. I mean you choose the road least travelled and decided to have a baby and faced all those challenges, went back to school, seriously! You are a strong woman so I am certain that you will have an amazing future if you purpose to create it. So go ahead! Do not bring yourself down. Not today, not ever.


Give yourself a big pat on the back

We all love the easy way out. Danielle says, “You would have chosen to abort your baby or give him up for adoption but you kept him and decided to raise him.” I mean, not a lot of women choose the road least travelled. Actually I am coming to the realization that they are a lot of young mothers around the globe today, however those with babies are the countable ones, if you know what I mean. So for that, knowing what was in store and still choose life, kudos! May the Lord bless you abundantly for that.

The unknown is scary. It does not mean it is dangerous or that you should not go there. It is just scary not knowing exactly what is ahead of you. I promise you will figure it all out.

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Ditch your friends.

In her own words she says, “I know that comes off kind of harsh and I hope that you really don’t have to ditch ALL of your friends but if any of your friends are putting you down,being a bad influence or just not supporting you in the way that you need..They gotta go!Things change when you become a mom.Your friends will be getting home at 3 am from a night out while you’re at home rocking a cranky baby back to sleep. People that were active in yourlife before you had a baby might not understand your life now and that’s OK.This doesn’t relate to just being a young mom either, this is a huge part of having a good life.The only thing anyone can ever count on is for things to change. If your friends (and even family) aren’t changing in ways that work with the ways
you’re changing, you have to separate yourself.

“You become the average of the five people you
spend the most time with.” –Jim Rohn



 Find the Funny in Whatever Mess You’re In

She says, “People look at me like I’m crazy when I laugh at unbelievably horrible things that happen, but I swear, it’s the best therapy! Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do but laugh. Seriously, find the irony in any bad situation.
Think, “Of course this would happen to me, why wouldn’t it?! LOL.” Think, “This is going to be a really great story to tell some day.” Example: When I left my husband, I was broke as a joke on coke. I drove from Colorado back to Vegas with as many possessions as could fit in my car. I had no job lined up. I couldn’t even get a job because I had no one to watch my kids during the day. I had to live for 3 months on my dad’s couch in the family room, with 2 babies. During that period, when people would ask me “So, how are you?” Instead of either lying to hide it or giving them my sob story, I would be like, “Well, I’m super broke and unemployed and technically homeless and I’m raising 2 babies!” Then I would start laughing hysterically, like a crazy person, and say “That’s nuts right?! How did this become my life?” and I’d have a huge smile on my face.

This is true. (And possibly the reason that none of those people are my
friends anymore.) But in all seriousness, the best things come from the times when you
just don’t know what the eff you’re going to do. This was the point for me when I was just like, I’m gonna change the world.” And then I started studying Marketing. And then I started Young Moms Club.”

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Go get it girl!

Do not be afraid to follow your dreams, fear is the only thing that stands between us and our dreams. Fear of failure of criticism from others.

“You are going to have a great story one day and right now you are writing it and you are not even aware of it”

A story that will inspire so many to get up and act on their lives, a story that will restore hope back to someone out there who may have lost it, an amazing story! So do not let fear stop you!. I can see mine already being written down in two years from now. 🙂 Boy! Am I excited about the future or whaaaash!! Hehe.


p.s you can sign up for the event SUPAMAMAS EVENT HERE.

Until next time.


🙂 :*


  • Diana

    yo! awesome words….its posts like this that encourage me not to stop running the race,when tiredness seems to get me down.

    • Amazing Anne, I am happy that it has encouraged you 🙂 keep on keeping on Ma’

  • Jamila

    That is some super sound advice! 🙂

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