A trip to the urinals

Being a young mum is crazy. Being a young single mother; well. . .that is a story for another day. I count myself lucky having an amazing support system to help me raise the boy and teach him a few things here and there. I tried to train my son to use his potty and that did not go so well. I failed miserably. My mum always said it needed patience and I wasn’t being patient enough with him hence his reluctancy to learn. Eventually my elder brother, Derrick, decided to help me out and even though he doesn’t have kids of his own, he taught him how to take a pee in the adult toilet. Is that what it is called? Adult toilet 😀 .

Moving on…

Later I came home after a week or two and viola my baby is using the adult bathroom. Not a baby anymore ey? \o/ :,) However I am not always next to his numerous male figures so every time he needs to wee, I used to take him to the ladies.

Until today. . . .

We are having a great time at the toddlers class and he looks at me straight in the eye and says, “Mamangu, i want to go now!!”  Every mother knows when you hear that you need to run fast or everything will come out there and then.

On our way to the ladies we are still singing songs of  freedom and I am whispering blessings on his life and marveling at how grown he is now and a thought strikes me. ‘This boy will get so used to female bathrooms, look at him. He needs to learn to go where his kind go Fi. Today is the day.’

As he is approaching the female bathroom, I start screaming for him to stop and I point at the little boys room!

“This is where you go from now on.”

. . .We are in the room, I am whistling and he is peeing.. whistlinnng… peeing… whistlinnnggg… peeeeinnng… and this young boy walks in; gives me a queer look and walks into the toilet and I can hear him peeing from there . I would have sworn he had a million questions for me but decided that the toilet should be a place that gives you peace and so he wasn’t going to trouble himself with his questions to me. Anyway win-win situation.

After we were done. We left! I am a proud mama that her son has used the urinals and him, a proud boy that he has flashed the urinal. *I want to believe so.* which I also learned can be unhygienic so just better to leave it without flashing.

However I posted this on Facebook so as to know what other mums thought about it and these are some of the responses that I got. . I learned a few things, hope you learn a few of them too.


Happy peeing mummies.

Okay bye 😙

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