Amira Africa goes to the United states of America

Tell us about yourself….

My name is Bria, I’m 22 years old and I live in the United States. I was born in Fairfax, VA. but lived majority of my life in Harrisonburg, VA. Harrisonburg is a small town with a university called James Madison University basically as the center of it. I graduated from Harrisonburg High School in June 2011 & attended Marymount University (MU) August 2011 to June 2015. I got a BS degree in Information Technology with a specialty in Cyber Security. I ultimately would love to work with the FBI or CIA and become a supermodel lol (aim high)!  🙂

I began modeling in January 2014 & ever since I have been pushing to make my dream come true. I have always wanted to model since I was young actually so I finally took it upon myself to make that dream a reality because of the resources I have in the Northern VA & Washington DC area. I am currently a model for a production company called Marcellas Hill Production.

Who is your inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is all women who are strong, ambitious, & aspire to inspire others to be a better them. There’s not enough women in this world who want to uplift one another.


Wait, you did not tell us what you find weird about yourself 🙂 I hate hearing people crack their bones & do double jointed stuff. I also love watching criminal shows & shows about psychopaths. I used to always want to be in the forensic science field.

what do you find yourself doing while stressed?

Something I like to refer back to when life is getting stressful or overwhelming is “In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.” I found this quote a while back & have no idea who said it but I think it’s fitting. It’s important to always have a peace of mind. Your mind can either drive you insane or keep you sane. Life is much easier when you’re at peace with yourself.


Tell us a  bit about your pregnancy journey…
I found out I was pregnant the summer before attending MU. It was at you can imagine a stressful and emotional time for me. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Aubrey. Aubrey inspires me to be the best me I can be. I feel like we are both growing together by that I mean I’m still young and she’s able to watch me become the woman I want to be. Everyone always says I want to give my child things I didn’t have or I want to be established but for me I would like us to experience things together. I’m working to get established but in the process she’s watching me take the necessary steps to make that happen.

When my mom found out she was very disappointed and upset with me. She wasn’t sure if the University would still allow me to attend their school because it’s catholic. My dad didn’t speak to me until a few days after having Aubrey. It was a difficult time for everyone at home. As for Aubrey’s dad he knew not to long after I found out. He went to every doctor’s visit with me up until I went to school because my school was two hours away from back home. Once I was 8/9 months I went to the doctor’s visits alone. When my water broke I contacted my mom first then Aubrey’s dad and I had to go to the hospital alone. I was more calm than most would have been because I knew if I got myself worked up and scared it would cause problems.


While I was in school my mom helped me a lot with Aubrey so school wasn’t too bad as far as getting my work done. I mean it wasn’t easy but with the support it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I think to find a balance with school and motherhood it’s important to get work done while they are sleep & remaining focus at the long term goal. You’re going to lose sleep and be tired but it’s all worth it in the end, trust me.

The biggest struggle was being pregnant during the summer & a month after I started at MU, I was so uncomfortable in my body. I felt huge, I’ve always been small so when my belly was stretching and it being hot outside I was not happy lol.

Aubrey’s dad..

I met Aubrey’s dad when we were around 14 years old. We were really good friends and eventually a relationship stemmed from that. We officially started dating in 8th grade and from then on had been on and off. Things did not work out because of difference of personalities. Everyone always thought we would get married and have kids but what worked in high school changes as you grow up into the man or woman you are meant to be. People grow in different directions sometimes and that is totally okay.

bria fleming


I named my son after my father, I love my dad so much and plus also gave him a traditional name that means gift which most people think it is a nick name,. 🙂 What inspired you to name your baby Aubrey? It is such a beautiful name.

Thank you 🙂 well… honestly I didn’t find any cool inspiration or anything when picking my daughters name. I like unisex names & Aubrey was one of my favorites.


For me the least favorite thing about motherhood is how sometimes my son can cry  and I seriously do not know why he is crying because he is fed and clean and I had checked to make sure everything is alright but yet he just seems soooo cranky, worst of all is that he can’t tell you what is going on just yet. *sigh!* making me do the guessing game for hours. Do you have something you do not like or understand about motherhood?

Yea, I do. It is the statistics that people place on us. People assume because you had a child young that you can’t accomplish anything besides working minimum wage. You can do whatever you want to do. It’s really about how bad do you want to be successful despite the odds that you have set against yourself by having a child young.

I have come to realize that our parents also go through a series of emotions when they find out that their young daughter at such a young age is going to be a parent, any words of encouragement to them?

My advice to parents who have a daughter, who has become pregnant, is to be there for them. Being upset, mad, disappointed is understandable but don’t go absent on us please. This is one of the most confusing time for a teenager and to have to deal with that all alone is harsh. Make sure the teen has a plan on what they plan on doing once the child arrives as far as making a better life for them.



Any words for young mothers around the world?

When you become a mother especially a young mother the reality is you’re going to lose friends you once had because your lifestyle changes. If your friends can’t support what your life is after having a kid and still remain a great friend to you then they probably weren’t really your friends to begin with. Becoming a mom at a young age is hard, not everyone will understand your new lifestyle but regardless you’ll be fine & you’ll find people who will understand & still be a genuine friend.


So many ladies are afraid to date someone for fear of being heart broken again. Did you date someone else after?? Advice on this?

Bria:  I agree, most young moms are scared to date someone else after things did not work with the child’s father. I can relate the thought of going through the same heartbreak with someone else after getting to know them and investing time in them is scary. I think it’s worth the chance though. If they are showing you signs that they really do care about you and want to be with you then give them a chance. You don’t want to blame every man for something someone else did. You deserve to be happy and have someone to share your life with. I have someone who is a really great friend of mine, we aren’t “together” but at some point most likely so. He in fact was the one who encouraged me to start my blog which now has turned into something that I’m very proud of. Not only did he encourage the start of my blog, he also pushed me to take the right steps to begin modeling because he knew it was something I really wanted. I think it’s important that whoever you invest your time into they are pushing you to be a better you, encouraging growth.


Good things motherhood has brought your way?

Motherhood has forced me to become a better woman quicker than I would have if I wouldn’t have had Aubrey. I believe I’m a lot more mature and wiser now.


Now that you just finished school, what are some of the things you hope to achieve?

My future plans now that I have finished school is to try my best to achieve my goals. As I mentioned earlier I hope to work myself up in the IT works & also be a very well known model. I think with both careers I will be able to take great care of my child and live comfortably! I am also  hoping to start a non profit organization soon for young women. That’s also next on the agenda.



Any other addition?

I would also love to advice the young people on sexual intercourse. Be smart. I’m not going to give the whole speech on abstinence because the reality is young people are having sex. In high school they tell us don’t have sex, meanwhile majority of the class has already engaged in it. I think it’s important to be straight up and address the issue opposed to pretending that it doesn’t happen. Young people have to make smart decisions when choosing to have sex. Reason number one you do not want to be a teen mom and also you don’t want to end up with an STD. No one is invincible, teen girls need to realize any of them can get pregnant. You may have not got pregnant the first or fifth time you had sex without protection but trust me if you continue to do it, you will. Just be smart, ladies!


If you are a young mother and would love to contact Bria to mentor you feel free to do so via her email bscottflem@gmail



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