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I was going to start this post with, I hope you are enjoying your holiday and realised it is only I going through the wake up! Eat! Blog! Sleep! Change diapers! Bask in the sun! blog! Sleep! Empty the potty. Yeey!

Amira grows and every time we incorporate different programs into the system with the hope to help mothers out there paying close attention to the younger ones. We started the mentor ship program after I was featured in Supamamas sometime back last year and the next day was overwhelming for me getting so many emails, calls and text messages of ladies my age, younger and older asking if I could walk with them, if I could add them to our groups or just some appreciating that Amira is a voice for them in a society that is not very accepting of the young/single mother. When we started the support group system we were 8 mums: Laila of touch a child through play, Esther Waruri, Esther Butoyi, Mel, Nyaguthii Kioi of, Keshi, Bahati and I which has now grown.

After being overwhelmed on that day, I decided to choose young mothers whom were really positive towards life to help the ladies who will need someone to walk with them and just listen to them vent or be thankful.

I just want to say a big Thank You to these women. A lot of the time since I am more forefront with the blog or other things people think it is a one man’s guitar but I actually have help when it comes to speaking life to the women who send us an email or call just to want someone there with them who has gone through the same situation.

Esther Waruri (Mama Manuela),

Esther is 23 years old. She has a beautiful, highly favoured, growing and glowing daughter called Nela who sis now 2years and 3 months. She comes off as shy but very talkative and friendly when you get to know each other. She loves babies as she believes they are a blessing and bring in so much joy. She is a born again Christian who loves listening to preaching, singing, swimming and hanging around with loved ones.
She loves mentoring young mothers more so because she is a young mother and she wants to grow together with them because God had trusted us with our kids and he had a reason as to why we are the ones who are parents to these kids and for that we ought to teach them to grow up in God’s way and love them unconditionally.


Esther Waruri and her Daughter

Motherhood is an everyday journey and so we need encourage one another and support each other as mums in order to grow together as one. It is a challenging journey and that is why sometimes we need someone to remind us of the strength we possess, that it is normal to crave for weird stuff, cry for no reason because of the hormones you have no control over and all the ups and downs that come with parenting.

What Motto do you live by in life? Life is a wonderful journey full of love and joy and that is why I go by the motto live each day as if it was your last. Be happy, give your best, love hard, don’t hold any negative energy around you, and forgive as much as you can, smile a lot and most of all live for God. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Esther Waruri

Esther Waruri

As mothers we need to be a good example to our kids and it is through God we get our strength, joy, love and much more. Pray a lot for your child speak and declare good things in your child’s life for God has given us the responsibility to take care of our kids.

Laila Laurence (Mama Jaylani)

My name is Laila Laurence I am 24 years old. I am a lawyer by profession and an upcoming makeup artist. A mummy to a lovely two year old son.
I believe we all need someone to talk to and get advice from. Someone who can walk with you through a specific journey that they probably have already been through. Someone who can be a friend and a shoulder to cry on. Someone who corrects you when you are wrong and does not hesitate to tell you the truth even though it hurts. It is for these reasons that I mentor young mummies.
My life mantra ‘ while others are sitting I am standing, while others are standing I am outstanding and by God’s grace while others are outstanding I am setting the standards.

Laila Laurence with her son.

Laila Laurence with her son.

To the young mothers: You are a star. Do not let anyone dim your shine. Run your race and be the best you can be for your child. There is a reason why God wanted you to be that child’s mother. It was never a mistake. In other news I enjoy singing, dancing, acting, traveling and making new friends. God Bless!

Arisi Patricia (Mama Azariah)
She is a 23 year old mummy to Azariah Mabel whom she calls the beautiful fruit of her womb. Her life motto: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing your game and also let go and let God.

Amira Africa (484)
In her words, mentorship is important to her because it is nice to know someone has your back when you feel as if life is wearing you down.

What is your advice to young mums?
Arisi: All is well that ends well, if it is not yet okay, it is not the end. Never ever disappoint yourself. 🙂

Emma Nyamai ( Mama Kaile)

I’m a twenty two year old mum to a two year old lovely baby. I’m a student at Daystar and I love reading novels, watching series and listening to music. I also love swimming.
My advice to young moms would be Knowledge is power! Sort of sounds boring but it’s true. Before making decisions it’s good to be well informed so as to make the right decision….in everything! I think it makes perfect sense not just for young mums but for everybody.

I live by the philosophy that real and true happiness comes from within; to find it, find your true self first.

Amira Africa (23 April 2016) (70)

I chose to mentor because Fiona asked me to. lol!! No seriously, I choose to mentor because first time mothers really need a guiding hand to know what’s going on with their bodies, emotions and the babies they carry. I was mentored through my pregnancy by a friend and I felt that it made the journey much easier therefore I decided to spread the love and help other mums.
I think motherhood is like going for swimming in mud with your best friend. It’s not clean…it’s messy, slimy, clothes will never be the same again, hair might even fall off…but at the end of the day, it’s a fun day filled with laughter and lot’s of love.

Wambui Mbugua (Mama Wadia)

She is a 23 year old mother to an 11 month baby girl. Throughout her pregnancy she had the support of her parents, family and friends who stood by her every step of the way. As a mother she has learned more about herself, others and her relationship with God/ all her priorities have changed in order to better her life, her daughters and the people she relates with. In her words, she knows she will become a better wife to her significant other, her daughter and a great daughter to her parents and hopes to make them proud and also hopes to be a better person in society every day.

Amira Africa (23 April 2016) (260)
Why I love mentoring young mums? I am passionate to help young mums because I know what the journey can be lonely, tiring, physically and emotional draining and stressful but with the help of other ladies who have walked down the same road can reduce the heart ache. Support keeps you sane. Knowing that you are not alone can push you further. Most importantly happy and healthy mummy equals to a happy and healthy baby. That’s why you should take care of yourself, do what makes you happy. If it’s eating chocolate or githeri eat it, if it’s going for a movie, go for it, of its happy fun and laughing with family and friends do it. Your happiness is key.
‘Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present’. Be happy!

Jedi Kamau (Mama Shyce)

I was blessed with a princess at the age of 20, today she is two years and a half . It has been a journey filled with both ups and downs but the ups will always out do the downs. Is a stay at home mummy, a 3rd year part time student pursuing a bachelor in mass communication and a blogger.
After my child’s birth I almost became a loner because it felt like most of the friends I had then, were not on the same page as I was and I would end up cutting communication and just keeping to myself, till a mutual friend linked me up with Soniq (a mentor at Amira Africa). She added me to the Amira gorup on whats-app and I instantly felt at home. We were just a few of us in the beginning but over time we kept growing and that is when I knew that sharing my story and my journey always impacted someone else’s life.
Mentoring young mummies to be and young mummies already has become a passion I did not know I had, it is humbling to be a source of inspiration to someone who had lost all hope, it gets hard and tough sometimes especially when you relate with your mentee at 101% and it almost feels like someone is re-living your experience but at least having been in their situation before, you are able to share a lesson or two from your experience which may help them not go through what you went through. Walking someone through a journey like motherhood is just simply a blessing.

I live by the mantra; Believe.Begin.Become…that is what it takes even to becoming a mother at a young age. You have Believe in yourself, Believe in Gods plans, Believe in the beauty of your dreams, Believe in your prayers ..Believe..believe..believe.., then begin acting like everything u believed in will come to pass or you are actually everything you believed in then work on becoming that amazing mother, become who you believed you would be.
Mother hood is a beautiful journey, no matter the time or how you start your journey it is beautiful and is a blessing.

My advice to a young mum would be. Stay positive always even when everything goes south, let your baby be that one thing that is right in that moment and derive the drive and motivation from it to keep going and not give up..Prayer is very important, pray about everything, give thanks and let optimism be a part of you. Keep positive minded people close to you and grow a thick skin for that negative energy that maybe coming from the society or even family. Be resilient! Be courageous! Be brave! Be a shield covered with God’s grace, wisdom, and be a woman of faith and character.

Esther Mukami Mbugua

I am a 24yr old single mother to a 1year and 6months daughter.A food technologist by profession.I am a very social person though I might appear to be shy at first.I love reading inspirational books n romantic novels,I love cooking and traveling (road trips)I am really scared of heights and cats. Yikes!

My daughter is my source of inspiration and because of her I strive to become a better person each day
I live by the motto: learn from the past and plan for the future by focusing on today.


Mentorship is so close to my heart because being pregnant at a young age and a young mom  isn’t easy at all.My pregnancy journey was not an easy one during that time I felt I needed someone who would relate with me someone who had walked thorough the same path and it really helped me, healing and accepting everything.I therefore decided to be always there for the young girls going through the same and help them run their race knowing that they are not alone n that if I made it they too will plus am so motivated to helping mums keep their  lil bundles of joy and saying no to abortion.

My advice to young moms today and always will be having a baby at a young age is not the end of life rather it a beginning of a great chapter in your life all you need to do is take everything positively and trust in God and everything else shall fall into place .I would like to leave this quote for all the young moms out there. It is  from a great person I know Fiona.” if right and best are at war always choose right because it starves you from regret in the future”

…And me of course. Greatness is in all of us and there is room for all of us to excel in our dreams. Run Your Race 🙂

Amira Africa (417)


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