An Open Letter To My Darling (2014)

I have been busy changing diapers, teaching him how to stand and sometimes clapping at the tiniest things to encourage him. Occasionally I find myself clapping when he passes me my phone, just 60cm away. I have been so busy with school man, trying to maintain a G.P.A of 3.7 and above let alone traveling kilometers everyday just to secure my degree while watching little me grow into a fine young man. I know once in a while you have been looking up my face book wall or Instagram account just to see how far he has come. Not to forget trying my routine exercises to keep fit. Though I have to apologize, I haven’t got time to talk to you and thank you for everything my darling, you (2014) and your sister 2013 have been amazing! How is she by the way? Heard she got a new baby during the winter period and bought a house down at the coast?She should read this on child naming Tell her I will be her neighbor soon, and then maybe I can see her everyday. It has always been a dream of mine to own a house down at the coast. Anyway we will catch up on all that later on, I am and ready to face 2015 head on for I feel from the bottom of my heart that it carries a lot of good stuff for me and my baby. I trust you had a splendid Christmas as well yesterday.



You said ‘be kind to everyone even those that do not deserve it’ the other day when he turned one I met her after such a long time. She was happy to see how he has grown and said he looked exactly like someone she knows. Apart of me was glad they met even though for a long time I felt let down and just maybe she never ever deserved my kindness, but I was genuine, I guess because you taught me to take everyone as they are, so I did. I hope she honors her promise though, and even if she doesn’t at least I got an opportunity to tell her what I have thought for a long time. Maybe I have grown immune to pretense, comes with being a parent I suppose.


You said smile at challenges, they have a divine gift in them and I laughed at you. Remember? How I got breathless in the middle of that conversation for I found it funny. Well you were right; you probably are always right 2014. I am seeing it now, the divine gift you were talking about; I see what they were preparing me for. A big thank you especially for this one.


Do what you fear young blood and you will overcome it. I went for loving her this Christmas (for the first time I missed an art event) and was able to talk to ladies who have gone through various forms of abuse in their life. At first I had no idea what I would tell them. It was amazing how they smiled and told me about their dreams in life and I was so inspired. I guess truly we can not let anyone or a situation steal our dreams away and we must, we MUST believe on our dreams. We also must choose to believe that we have the power to create and also change anything, be the change we want to see in our world today. We really do! We really do have the power!


Remember, “My dear Fifi, embrace change please, if you do not it will only lead to more frustrations” and I curled up in a human ball but slowly I learned to embrace change and true it led to less frustrations and more and more genuine laughter. Do you know my happy vein that is always there when I laugh so much? It seems to be permanently seen these days, have you seen my selfies of late? You were right man! You were right!!

You said do not let yourself be influenced by negativity or else it will make you a negative person. It influenced me man and I tried to be someone I am not. Luckily I remembered your words and came back to my senses. Thank you! On the way I also learned to complain less and be thankful for the things I have. How else will we create a better word if we are influenced by negativity?


You shouted “Yooooh!! Forgive and let go?” So many a times I asked you how can I? You failed to tell me that when we do not forgive we take away joy from life. I learned that on the way and was like, why didn’t he tell me? I guess some things you have to learn by yourself. Yea? Well I am glad I followed your advice. Grudges are just not worth it sport, they just aren’t.

DO NOT ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY. CHOOSE EXCELLENCE!! I will never forget this one especially.

I have something to tell you though, in life where you end up is not determined by where you started but by the choices you make and your commitment to your choices contribute a great deal. If something happens do not forget to take responsibility okay? Because if you don’t take responsibility you take your power away. I read that somewhere, I can’t remember where though but I just thought you should know as well in case you haven’t come across it as well.

Write back soon!
I sure will miss you sport. I have so much to tell you especially about love <3 and Amira Africa but I will save that for later. For the love part I will just attach a picture for you 🙂

Oh P.s pass my kisses to your sister, tell her I will forever love her and she should call me sometime, her call won’t go into voice mail this time.

Your darling,

Okadia Fiona.



I truly hope my darling readers may pick up a few of these things if not all that you shared with me all throughout 2014, so that it may lead to a happy life. They say happiness is when your thoughts, your actions and your feelings are in sync. 🙂

  • Martin Nthiani

    Lovely piece and indeed an enjoyable read.

  • Nduku Kimeu

    Amazing piece right there. I am challenged. Keep up the good work. All the best in this coming year and God bless you.

    • Ahsante Nduku Kimeu,
      God bless you too and have an amazing 2015!

  • sylvia

    its a lovely piece dear….Excellent….God bless you dear.

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