Enam: Mr. Chiiwo , how are you sir?

Chiiwo: Couldn’t be better, 2015 is proving to be an awe so amazing year! How are you? Your people?

Enam; Good stuff!  We all splendid. Got my dreads the other day.

Chiiwo: My mother would never sleep if I came home with plaited hair, dreads or a piercing; she is the old fashioned kind of mothers.

Enam; Haha! I know their kind, she will pray for days for the universe to return her son to her.

Chiiwo: Haha, but hey, first time I am meeting you in my life but please do not feel like I am prying  but do you mind sharing with me your story? Every young mother has a story, some heartbreaking while others will blow your mind with how good they are.


Enam: You know, I was still so tiny but I remember my mum’s 19th birthday and how excited she was. Though the day before it seemed so gloomy for her and all she thought about was death. She wanted to die and yet hadn’t the slightest clue why. She really loved to tweet so she started tweeting that day and everything she tweeted about was so emotional. My grandmother came home full of so much excitement that mum was going to turn nineteen years  and she bought her a bottle of wine and a gift.
She wasn’t happy man! She just wasn’t, so what she did was say thank you with a gloomy face and walked to her room and locked it. She had switched off her phone the whole day because she did not want to talk to anybody. She was in so much pain and at first she thought maybe it was just back cramps because she would always get them before her menstrual flow.

Chiiwo: Wait! You guy what are cramps? I am unsure what they are. Never heard that word in our house before.


Enam: uhhmm, can I at least finish narrating the story before we get to the many questions my guy? Where was I? Oh yea. So because of this she did not really give it a serious thought that I was on the way. A few days later her and my grand mum went for a mini vacation and that is when it hit her that I was on my way. She reacted kind of different man unlike most women she wasn’t scared at all, she was so blank. She asked herself “Are you pregnant Nyaguthii?” and also gave an answer for that.

Chiiwo: Many of them get so scared but it is totally understandable though because you fear what lies ahead. Fear however is the start of something beautiful as mummy says.

Enam:  It is so true,this week I will turning one year, and I see how mum looks at me like she is trying to tell me through her eyes that I am the best thing that has ever happened to her and she is all she is now, now that she has me. You know sometimes she tells me that she doesn’t know how her life would be if she did not turn out pregnant. In her own words she says that I give her strength and hope to live life and make it against all odds. I bring so much joy in her life and a love so pure and great. That she finally found true love when she found me.


Chiiwo: that is so touching, maintain! Do not get mushy now, there are ladies are around. You know I totally get where you are coming from, people make it look like one’s life is completely ruined because of early pregnancy but our young mothers seem to have more determination and greater motivation (us) than most of their lady peers because they know we are looking up to them and we are proud of them for giving us that right to life when they would have easily got rid of us without any ones knowledge.

Enam; It was a very difficult time in her life, she was okay on most days and then after a couple of months of being okay she would have weeks where she was so sad. She never really understood what was happening in her life at that point. Like why the shift in emotions every time instead of just being constant.

Chiiwo: They are called baby blues, women seem to get them while they are pregnant. My mother was another one. Eh! She would cry every night and I was always like, c’mon, not today. I need to sleep without any sobbing noise. I always hoped she would stop soon and be the laughing guru she has always been. During this period am sure her ‘happy’ vein disappeared, she has one on her forehead when she is jazzed. So now I understand it happens to a lot of them and perhaps just the best of them.


Enam: My mum found out that she was pregnant when she was at a point in her life that she was so low. I guess that is why she was so indifferent to the realization and so unmoved about everything that was happening. My grandmother did not understand her as well and thought just maybe it is one of those days a lady wants to be alone and unbothered, they all have that. If you never knew now you know. Later on in future when your babe wants to be alone, do not ask questions, just come we chill, play some rugby or something.

Chiiwo; Hehehe cool, aha.. continue

Enam; Some days she just wanted to catch up with thoughts she had eluded for a while, be a slave to her mind and my grandmother was so sure it would go away soon. Just like it always does eventually. When they came back to Nairobi all she did for the better part of the day was sleep. All day, everyday, sleeping and sleeping. She was not eating nor talking to anyone in the house and my grandmother got so concerned, she was sure that she had been bitten by a tsetse fly in Tanzania.

Chiiwo: Hahaha! I will need my stunners for this. You can’t see my eyes all beamed up with laughter. That is so hilarious! Tsetse fly?


Enam: I know! Haha she laughs about it when she remembers as well. The doctor then decided to do an ultra sound and that is when her secret was out. She was pregnant! I was on my way ( She was not shocked though, she had known all along.

Enam: She had not really been a believer but she sat down and talked to God. Went ahead and even proposed a deal that if He would make it easy for her to tell grandma’ she would change her ways. Start treating Him with respect that he deserved from a mortal man like her. My grand aunt had promised to help her tell her so a few days later she went into grandma’s room and sat on her bed. She was going to tell her that my grand aunt was going to come the next day to talk to her but I guess grand mum was a keen person as she looked her straight in the face and asked her whether she was pregnant. Do you know my mother simply laughed! She seemed cracked up for some reason before she finally admitted and said yes.


Chiiwo: I do not understand, why did she laugh? Ladies are quite funny, they can laugh when annoyed and when you do not realize they are annoyed because they are laughing, they get mad at you for not taking note of their emotions.

Enam: It is one of those things I guess we can not understand as boys. Anyway, the next step was my grandmother just smiled and hugged her for a very long time and in between she said, “it is going to be alright darling, mum always has your back, okay?” then my mum started crying but she did not cry because she was pregnant but because that is when she realized how undeserving she was and what a shame she could cause. She felt unworthy. Unworthy to be loved by such a great and mighty God,  unworthy of such an incredible mother. I could go on.


To be continued…..

  • Aww babe, thank you. I love it. Wish Enam could read it haha. Such coolness. Can’t wait for part two.

    • I am happy you love it babe.
      couldn’t think of a better way to bring the story.

      I am tired of telling the stories from a sad aspect you know and yet they all end beautifully.
      They must end beautifully ♥

  • Cal

    ‘I will need my stunners for
    this, beamed up with

    Chiiwo though, hilarious 🙂

    • hahaha Cal now I get why you call him lil Jay. Too cool huh? But Enam is cooler, he got dreads! 🙂

  • Essie mbuguah

    hehehe am really lovn this conversation…these 2 cuties are so adorable…God bless them

  • Kinya Elizabeth

    Such a beatiful piece! And your babies are such cuties 🙂 Blessings!

  • J*Jay Wambui

    AMAZING is an understatement!!! Somebody please crown those boys and their mummies!! Lovely…..
    Keep encouraging others…

    • Thank you so much J*Jay 🙂 We will continue to do so, do help us as well in doing this.

  • Daisy

    awww…they are the cutest babies

  • Daisy Musebe

    the babies are adorable…n smart too…they told the story beautifully 🙂

    • Thank you Daisy! 🙂 They truly are amazing boys!

  • eglene

    this conversation is just intereztio wow

  • raquel muigai

    aaaawwww…..i love this…

  • Brian

    Wow!..this is amazing!

  • Aaaaw this is so cute! Love it!

  • Martin Nthiani

    Pretty interesting dialogue. Love how the story goes with the pictures of Enam & Chiiwo. #TwoAwesomeKids

    • Thank you Martin 🙂 they truly are awesome babies!

  • Carolle Mendy

    Wonderful!!! Babies are blessings! Don’t believe me, just watch! 🙂

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