Carry On In The Face Of Crtisicms

I love it when the week is almost over, the same way I love it when it begins I guess; because it seems to create new opportunities for all of us. *I hope*

I don’t know how to structure this specific blog post but as always I will let it flow with the hope that the message is passed across. Two years back I wanted to create a platform that will bring together young parents and then they can be able to network, connect, share experiences, uplift one another and just be a source  of hope to each other through various programs that I felt were needed in a continent where yes, the number of young parents is on the rise but yet so much is not being done by the communities we are part of. Ofcourse, when you get an idea you share with those around you for advice and more ideas on how you can embark on that project. One person though told me that the platform may be a source of conflict with religious institutions as they may think you are encouraging sexual behaviours among the youth. Another said; so many people have created such platforms but have failed to proceed after so long because most times they are created under a roller coaster of emotions and thus die as fast as they came up. I heard many excuses from externals; atleast concentrate on baby and school and focus on it later on as opposed to now. However the same way there was the negative force also there was so much positive forces as well. I guess sometimes we need to find those who are willing to support our journies and focus on that.

That was then and unfortunately I closed the book that I has written down the various plans that I had for that platform and stored it away somewhere.

After a few months when baby was born and there was alot I couldn’t figure out solo, the same idea came to mind again and I started looking for ways I could bring it to action and create a team by my side to help me with it.

I have had people ask us so is that all you do? I thought you do so much more, hmmm.. I thought you have impacted the girls in their millions. *yes, in future*

Anyway, here we are; one and a half years after slowly converting that dream into reality. The other day, about a week ago. I approached a certain christian university and asked if I could host something for the young mothers that they have. They said that they will get back to me as soon as they talk to the administration on the procedure meanwhile if I could send details of what we do, why we do it and just something that would help them understand who we are. They called later and said, “Unfortunately because your platform supports young mothers we can’t allow you to come and host the program because it goes against our beliefs as a christian university that fornication is a sin;  which seems that is something you are supporting because these children are not born in wedlock. I hope you understand.”

Me: “I don’t understand because I do not have a program for encouraging university students to have sex; however our programs serve as an encouragement to these young mums from such stigma that surrounds them in every social aspect of their lives from home, school, churches and the community at large. However, thank You so much for taking time to get back to me atleast. Have a beautiful day!”

The conversation does go on from there but I choose to leave it there.

Here is the thing, alot of us! ALOT! have things they wish to pursue. Dreams they want to chase so bad! However we listen so much to critiscms around us. Ooh dont do that. Oh you are not good enough. Oh the market is flooded. Oh you will never get support from society. There are people who have pitched their ideas to numerous companies and they don’t get an opportunity however they don’t lose hope and have their brand doing things for their countries eventually. Remember do not yoke yourself with people who do not understand your purpose and your destiny, so before you go on losing hope and letting the negativity get to you, ask yourself, “why did I want to start this in the first place?”

I never thought that anyone would read the blog, I was convinced it would probably be my close friends only and family that aren’t even going through the situations that I am blogging about. When Amira Africa was nominated from more than 4000 blogs entries in the Kenya Bake Awards, I was shocked!. From the category we were nominated in it was voted in the SECOND best topical blog in Kenya 2016; just to mention one thing I never expected, as I asked myself whether a platform such as this would ever make an impact even in one person as I knew what was lying ahead of us.

Remember this if I didn’t make any sense at all: Carry on in the face of critisicms. As long as you believe in what you want to do, fight on! At the same time do not be hard headed, try and figure out why are these people critisizing me and who are they? Because criticism can add value to your cause if it is positive and even if it is negative, it may fuel your desire to achieve in what you wanted to do. If i can use my recent example, I could give up doing what I wanted in that university but I have an option of renting space near the university and getting a way to invite the mothers from there to come and participate.*which I have found :)*

I can’t remember where I read this but I hope it inspires your journey to continue in that which you are passionate about.


love Fi,

GoodNight :*

  • calvin monyenye

    Incisive piece, keep up what you doing ma’am 🙂

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