Single Mothers And The Men Who Love Them.

When we have numerous churches turning away single mothers because maybe, just maybe their sin of fornication is greater than our sins of lying, cheating etc. Yesterday CITAM  valley road opened it’s doors to single mothers and also some single fathers as well. Stigma for young mums is common everywhere and when I heard about boy meets girl: single mothers ...

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It’s Always Harder Having To Do It With An Ex

The hardest thing sometimes is to sit down with someone you had a baby with and literally have nothing to talk about, then you start by talking about the ceiling color and why they make the mango juice so yellow and before you know it both of you are on Google looking for something unnecessary as you wait for your ...

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Baby Daddy is Back

“I sometimes sit down and wonder how I will react when baby daddy finally comes back. After such a long time of being a super woman and raising this baby by myself as a modern single mother I get that call or it might be a text. No! Wait! We bump into each other in town *yes let us just ...

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