Mum Tips


Raising up a child in a good neighborhood requires meticulous thoughts and considerations before you get to pick a particular place of residence. Making up a decision for a place may happen even before you set to have a child as you get acquainted with the place at hand. Everyone wants their child/children to grow up in safe neighborhoods, free ...

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Tips for safely bathing your baby

Hey, How are you? Happy belated fathers day to all fathers out there! We celebrate you! I once shared step by step tips to wash baby for the new mums so that you don’t make a mistake as myself of almost drowning your baby, here.I feel it is not enough that we know how to wash the baby but also ...

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Giving a Newborn Baby a Bath

My mum had to travel when my son was a few weeks old so it was time I faced my fears and bathed my baby. I remember looking at my human lying on the bed and thinking, this is it baba! It is about to go down! I am doing this and then every time I was about to pick ...

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In a Matatu With My Six Week Baby

I am just from having a conversation with my friend Rhoda Kawira and we were talking about the cookout happening this coming weekend then all of a sudden she gets a slight panic attack, hahaha because we realize that for the very first time she will have to take a ‘jav’ with our little princess A. This is the one ...

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