Why vitamin D is important for babies and pregnant ladies.

From our nutritionist Lydia Otiso. “Ever wondered what the importance of letting your little one be basked out in the early morning sun is? Why it’s not so bad for the elderly to just sit in the sun basking? Read on……. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very few foods, added to others, and available ...

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Weaning is the gradual replacement of breast milk with food, some parents however tend to wean their children as early as three months. It is recommended by doctors to breastfeed exclusively for six months .This is essential as the breast milk has enough nutrients and aids in boosting the immunity of a child. However when the child gets to six ...

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The Food Event For Mums

I know we all love food and guess what? Supamamas is bringing to us yet another FOOD EVENT FOR MOTHERS!!! This October, Supamamas has put together “THE FOOD EVENT FOR MUMS” for us to learn from Chef Amanda not only healthy eating tips – during pregnancy and beyond but also exciting recipes for breakfast, snacks and main meals for the ...

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