It’s A Child Safety Fair! (Simba-Safe Kenya)

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Been sometime since I was here, truly sorry my lovies. I have been thinking whoever created examinations was just on another level, maaaaaan! Anyway, on to more important matters, on the 28th November 2015 there will be a  Simba-Safe Child Safety Fair for children ages 4 -10 at   Nairobi Children’s Traffic Park from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. Yeeeeey!!!

There is nothing as important as our child’s safety as parents and Simba-Safe Kenya ensures that we know all about children safety but first, I would like to invite you OFFICIALLY to attend the child safety fair. From this engagement you shall derive VALUE in the following aspects:

  1. This is a family event with lots of fun games and entertainment for the children.
  2. The Kenya Police Traffic Officers in charge of the Nairobi Children’s Traffic Park under the NTSA will give a talk and demonstration to children on road safety
  3. Medswift will give a talk and demo sessions on first aid for children.
  4. Patrick Kiarie a Karate Coach will give a talk and a session on fun and self defense classes.
  5. We will have a discussion based on the Child Online Protection Program (Be the Cop) by the Communications Authority of Kenya who have graciously donated copies of the booklet on Child Online Protection for children.

This will be a joint venture of bringing together child product and service providers from different fields on the day of the fair. As part of the marketing teasers towards the event day they shall be listing and profiling on their multiple media platforms their exhibitors/ panelists for purposes of mutually beneficial exposure. I can see you smiling now.

Simba-Safe Kenya is a Personal Safety Education Programme (PSE) for children registered as a charitable Trust in Kenya. It deals with common situations which most children will experience at some stage; for example getting lost, knowing adults who can help, knowing their parents’ details or being approached by strangers and online safety. It also teaches children the safety skills necessary to protect themselves from or sexual abuse while encouraging them to tell a trusted adult about any problems they may have. Simba-Safe’s training programs are also tailored to the age appropriate cognitive and learning abilities of children. It is important that children enjoy and look forward to the lessons. If children know that there is something they can do to keep safe, they will feel safer and more confident .A drop in the ocean of who Simba-Safe Kenya is……

They are both fun and educative because their program instructors use hands-on discovery learning for children through free spontaneous play to provide excellent child edutainment in a kid-friendly atmosphere. This is done through:

  • Songs/Audio Clips
  • Movies / Video Clips
  • Art & Craft Activities
  • Role Plays/Skits
  • Puppet Shows
  • Story Telling / Narrative
  • Games
  • Worksheets
  • Talks/Presentations

Through these various ways they stimulate children so that they can transition from being taught or entertained (passive) to learning through play (active).

They also have a cool samba mascot which is a playful and friendly lioness that they use to engage children during the programs by interacting with them through hands-on discovery learning in the course of free spontaneous play.

For more information on what they do you can check out their blog and Facebook page Simba-Safe Kenya.



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