Combined oral contraceptive pill.

I will be honest, of all contraceptive methods, according to me; I find this as the most cumbersome one. One has to take them every single day at the same time (whether you have sex or not) as long as you are prescribed to it and at a specific time to prevent pregnancy. We had talked about the introduction of synthetic oestrogen and progesterone in the body when we were establishing how contraceptives work. This is one of the methods that use that technique as it stops eggs from being developed and also none is released as it is supposed to be done monthly. If taken correctly, this pill is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. As I said it is cumbersome and also I think needs a lot of dedication. For example you are told missing more than one pill in a week then increases your chances of pregnancy and also you are not supposed to forget more than eight pills in a row. I know myself and sometimes life gets busier on most weeks than others. I will forget. FORGET. Forget. Therefore if you have those “mama” brains like me (that came after baby delivery) then this isn’t the best method for you. Unless of course: power to the alarm clocks which P.S I snooze all the time. Lol. Mine is a gone case.

With this you can have your periods but will tend to be lighter than your usual period. For some ladies they will experience spotting or bleeding at first and after a period of time will not experience periods at all. Advantages of this is it reduces your risk of cancer of the ovary and lining of the womb by 50% among some of the other ones we will mention as you can get pregnant as soon as you stop taking them.
Some of the side effects of this are: If you are smoking and taking this pill it increases your chances of a stroke and heart disease. There is the possibility of increasing the risk of blood clots in your leg. Also just be extra careful if you are using the pills and experience chest pains, it may be a heart attack. If you cough up blood, are breathless, you have pain in the lower leg and if you have a migraine. If you notice any of this it is wise to seek medical attention. Your skin may also change as dark patches on the face may occur. Research however doesn’t show that the pill causes weight gain, headaches, breast tenderness, nausea or change in libido.

Avoid using the pill if: you have had a heart attack, stroke or blood clot in legs or lungs, your immediate family members have had a blood clot in their legs or lung, you are over 35years and smoke, you are overweight, you have your leg in plaster or use a wheelchair, you have regular migraines and you are taking some medications. As always just confirm with your doctor before settling on any family planning method.

As always take note that the pill doesn’t prevent you from sexually transmitted diseases. Just pregnancy so you can still get pregnant even after you stop using the pill. Hope this has been resourceful enough, until next time.

  • Trust people to self medicate even with restrictions on how to use the pill.

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