Dear Teko: All She Needs Is Love

People have been telling me to get serious with life and continue with ‘Dear Teko’. Before i continue though, do you know that the rate of sexual assault in one of our towns, Naivasha is now 21 girls in one week. Three girls everyday. Just think about, i find this quite alarming! My great friend Ms. Kioi has always been pressuring me to talk in front of people or camera’s so that I get used to the idea. My answer for this has always been No! next time. Then next time I always come up with the same answer.A total stranger challenged me yesterday when he told me I will be talking to these ladies in the event lovingherthischristmas and he did not take no for an answer. I am still unsure of what I will tell them but I know I am going to do it, i just know. This is the beginning of something. Dear Teko  will continue after we love  her this Christmas. Join us in loving her this Christmas.



I think fear is sometimes the beginning of great things.

Brian Macharia challenge accepted 🙂

Any idea what i should tell them though? anyone??

If you are interested in joining the jijenge initiative as they go love her this Christmas, they meet at the Bata near Hilton Hotel at 9.30am and will then depart as a group at 10am. They are also requesting a contribution of 200kshs to be able to buy sanitary towels for the ladies, any other gift from your heart is welcome.

0700149012 (peter Chege)
0721139158 (Brian Macharia)


  • So proud of you babe!! Yes, you must 🙂

    • Miss,
      I was waiting for a
      haha like I thought it is a continuation for real..
      and i will.
      accompany me.shall you? 🙂

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