Dear Teko: Introduction

Dear Teko is the name I gave my journey of motherhood from the time that I realised I was pregnant up to now. Sometimes the voices in my head just needed to be silenced a bit so that I could stop worrying, stop thinking too much on what the future will hold and gather the strength I needed to live the minute, the hour and the day (“teko” means strength in my mother tongue). Most of the time I would stay alone in my room thinking and thinking and sometimes these thoughts would lead to me crying myself to sleep, at least that way it was better for when I was asleep, I didn’t think. One day a close friend told me, “How about you start writing down your thoughts if you do not feel like talking to people about it. It’s always refreshing at the end. And maybe one day you may publish it as a book, Teko, to inspire other ladies out there.”

When I started Amira Africa I had a segment for sharing stories for the young mothers in Africa where they write to us and all they have gone through in their motherhood journey. However to be honest I was a bit shy and not quite ready to share mine until the other day I read “Teko”, all of it, and realised I was very inspired by this lady. Some of the pages were full of so much pain and bitterness because of the events of those particular days; however the message was clear: sometimes you just don’t have anything else to do but be strong –  “teko”. I had to edit some parts of my book because I did not want to transmit the pain and bitterness for I no longer carry it in my heart. Amira Africa sets to elevate in all aspects including emotionally. It is my hope that I will publish it in  2015. I am not much of a writer though but I guess it is so much easier writing something you can relate to. Therefore, dear Amira Africa readers, this particular segment will be about my journey into and in motherhood.

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  • Hi,
    I found your website from Mbithe and I absolutely love it. I’m looking forward to reading all the ‘Dear Teko’ posts. 🙂

    • thankyou so much! *head bow* 🙂

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  • Judith Nekesa

    The brevity to get to this place of acceptance and sharing cannot be taken for granted. We focus our early sexually active lives on avoidance and all sorts of preventive mechanisms such that we overlook the possibility of when we find ourselves in the family way. And when it does happen we believe that our worlds have been ruined. I laud you for telling your story and running your race!

    • thank you so much. i am humbled and encouraged to continue running my race!


      : )

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    i love “Teko” …it made me cry,she is brave to take the journey of mother hood.Circumstances of Teko is a reflection of today’s young girl dream.She never lost her self consciousness..she never quit in her life even with her dreams crashed….Its rewarding to stand alone but its foolish to stand with a crowd,.

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