“Drosophilae Mapenxie?” – “Present Teacher!”

I honestly had no idea what I was going to name this post, so i quickly decided on Drosophilae Mapenxie? present teacher! In this day and age where most people are trying to stand out for one reason or another and many people my age are now getting babies, they want us to marvel at how cool the name of their babies are. Do not get me wrong I am not about to hate (I do not hate) but just my two cents about the whole baby naming business going on in the world today.

Try and imagine this is a class register in the next five years at some random nursery school somewhere in Africa.

Teacher: Drosophilae Mapenxie (because z just was not unique enough)

Teacher: Elowen Hennesy (the parents must have really loved Halloween parties)

Teacher: Mahogany Pears (because you love your pear fruits on a mahogany table)

Teacher: Apennine Omondo (I have no idea about this one)

Teacher: Linux Ubuntu (enough said)

Teacher: Microsoft word (ha-ha! Okay, forgive me for this one guys, I ran out of names.)





There is a strong conviction between a man and the name he bears, his personality, his ego and his inner self. A name to me apart from being an unsaid prayer by the parents of the child it is also a legacy and a hope for future generations to come. Therefore as parents and as parents to be in as much as we want our children to stand out in terms of the name they have, let us remember that names are powerful and we should always choose names that have a POSITIVE meaning. Just because you love a name example Drosophilae doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be good for your son or daughter, because they will eventually grow up and you do not want them going through the trouble of changing their names or shortening it to something like Droso (okay Droso still sounds a bit off) maybe Phil will do,just because they do not want people knowing their real name. If you want something with a cool name like that (still unsure if it is cool) get a stuffed animal or a real animal, a dog perhaps and when we come over be like, “Hey, this is my dog Drosophilae.” I will probably tell my husband when I get home, “Yooooh! Jason has a cool dog, all furry and guess the name? DROSOPHILAE, how cool is that?”



In the olden days or rather not so long ago a couple of us were named after their grandparents and thus you will find that at a social gathering you would share both names with several of your cousins from different homesteads. To carry on the name, a sort of gift to the parent. The parents whom the child is named after will feel proud telling people this is my namesake (you should hear my dad). To some when the parent in question would die then they would feel some degree of peace because their parents would live on in their children. Unfortunately some of the bad names were still being transferred because the tradition had to be honored, if your father was named after a drunkard and you name your son after him then it passes on the genes or it comes with the name, for most of the time the person has the qualities of the name of the person they were named after. I am guessing that was the whole idea behind it.


My son was named after my father, Jason. Though I added a Y so it will be Jayson for I noticed that so many of the baby boys born now either have the name Jayson or Jayden or a J somewhere at the start of their name. You could say the syndrome got to me as well, trying to stand out all unique yea? I may not know the reason why the others named their babies this way, but I admire the man my father is and if I can get my son to be half the man he is then I will be a very extremely happy mother. Later on I added Chiiwo which means gift in my native language for I felt he is indeed a present to me from the universe. So all those guys who keep asking me is it Nigerian or Chinese naaah it is purely from the Kenyan lands. Am I weird? Because I have a list of all my children’s names. The other day after settling for Amira as the name of my blog I think one of my baby girls will be named Amira. I see a future with sons called Kwe, Teko , Loch and Hera just to mention but a few. Future husband ( T.D.H) you can come with the second batch of names for our bundle of joys, he is reading this and laughing but  I am serious man, names set!


P.S All those names are from my native language meaning strength, victory, peace, love for I would love for them to posses such qualities for the rest of their lives. As you make your new years resolution this coming year, promise yourself that you will be one of those parents who not only name their children but speak life to their child through the blessing of a good name that has a positive meaning for the rest of their lives.

  • Cal

    So Chiiwo means gift, well atleast now i know 🙂

    • Calvin,
      All this while you did not know? How now? you are playing with a baby and you don’t know his worth. 😛 zawadi!

  • Cal

    Zakayo Sycamore lol

    • hahaha! very uncreative, lol. You can do better

  • Kowino

    Hehe…’this is my 1st born son,Ubuntu Linux’

    • Kowino,
      because you love computers that much? 😀
      but people from your side are known for trendy wierd names like this!

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