EMBRACE! A Poem By Naliyan Marie

Bear with me please. Sometimes it is just time to let go, there are dark things.

So comfortable on the inside, you just want to crawl up inside of yourself, ball up into something small

And unseen, broken, sparks of human refuse to go unnoticed,

Refuse to detach, they touch you temporary, whisper hold in, it is that light that becomes the only pillars you up.

You just want to let go.

Scream kiss and run.

When you let go of the dark things, the problem, they don’t let go of you.

They want to pull you in, suck up and ball and crumble soul like something to be stepped on, and pain is the only reminder that you are alive.

Sometimes it takes all you have to rip the dark from the heart and not to succumb.

It takes divinity to inhale, and you do not know where it comes from, but you know strength is here. Call it a MIRACLE!!

Call it whatever you have to, but do not call it lonely, don’t name it despair, make it a crying inner child, needing love, and hold last breath, hug it, all that you feel you need, because at the end of the day, there are no words strong enough, no drink to walk you hero, no night you can’t hide, sunrise as long as you know.

Somewhere in the cataclysm, there is a lost little bit of you

Sand sipped through fingers, know it on takes whimper

A sound lip sliding your name, to call back into existence

And faith you a hug.

And cuddle yourself stable…….. EMBRACE!!

  • I am inspired by this! I love this poem. So deep!

    • i am glad you are inspired Annastacia
      she is a really talented writer i must say

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