They call me Florence Mnyazi, I am a young mother and will be turning 22 this year ( 2015) in May.
I have a beautiful baby girl whom I love to death.

About myself 🙂
I am shy in nature but I can be quite talkative once I get comfortable with someone. I believe I am a good judge of character so they say I am very choosy when it comes to picking out my friends and those I associate with in general. I looooove reading books, pure bliss and anyone who buys me a book has a special place in my heart *hint hint* I also occasionally write. I love to travel as much as I love outdoors. I am very protective and nurturing.

florence mnyazi

I am  captain one in the mamaship because…
When I discovered I was pregnant, I was scared and depressed and for me my nine month journey was so lonely, I will not even attempt to lie to you. Most of the time I wished there was someone I could talk to and explain my fears and doubts, someone who had been there before. Someone who would understand why I am so stressed and guides me and tells me what to do and what not to do. Maybe even nod when I talk and not say a word and just not be judge-mental at all. And maybe some day I can be that someone for a young mommy to be.

Reach me through our email amiraafrica@gmail.com and I will love to walk with you in this journey.




    We share the same fate here,do not be afraid to walk alone..FLORENCE MUNYAZI(Captain 1)


    We are here for you,i want to hear your story…Thou shall not judge and whoever judges you,will have to remove the log in their eyes before they remove yours…FLORENCE MUNYAZI(Captain 1)

    • Racheal, Florence is one of the mothers who have agreed to be mentors(captains) for other ladies out there who have found themselves in a similar situation that she found herself in some years back.

      Mamaship is a program that Amira Africa started sometime back to connect mothers who have gone through this journey with those who recently found themselves in this situation. It’s main agenda being to provide emotional support in order for abortion not be an option by being a practical example to look up to. If she did it, we will do it.


  • grace mbatia

    am turning 22 this yr in July n i hav an 8mnth yr baby gal whose name is Angel….av bin through alot n right now studies are so tricky since am in a technical course ….id like to connect wth women like me so that they can tel me how they get income to support their kids wth school and unsupportive parents n baby daddies… i am so stressed out ryt now…

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