Forgiveness IS HEALING For Your Soul.

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It is official Radisson blue is the truth! I love it. It is so beautiful. If I was to rate it, I would comfortably give it number one in Nairobi! Take me back there and don’t make me leave 🙂 I shared some of the pictures on my instagram, @fionaokadia, feel free to follow me as well.  🙂


To today’s post. If you missed part one of the post where we were analyzing what forgiveness is not, please read it here. I hope it is already starting your journey to forgive yourself and those who wronged you in the past or even now. I also just realised I had done a post on forgiveness last year; we should start a forgiveness movement. People need to let go of that poison.

So today, I was going to talk about what forgiveness is.

It is letting go of our right to get even. “I give up my right to get even.” There was one lady who always used to say, “May the lord bind his loins, like seriously, this child whom he is throwing away he will come back and look for her when him and his wife are unable to get kids of their own. Bind them!! ” Bile alert. We all know all those things that we have said hoping that karma happens to the other person.

It is moving forward. More like taking out the trash from the house. Having that boldness to take out the trash.  Trash makes our houses stink, so in this case trash will be will be unforgiveness. Once you take it out, you are

Dropping the resentment. This is my best. You let the anger and bitterness go away. So even when you remember the wrong done to you, it does not pain you.

Is a choice, It is not an easy decision but it is a conscious decision from the injured party which in this case is you.  Forgiveness is for you. You may wait for the other person to ask for forgiveness and not happen, so you do not forgive because you have been asked to do so but because you gain so much from forgiving than not doing so.

It is a step towards HEALING. Please read that sentence three times and with each time you do so, read it louder, it makes me get goose bumps.  Let that sink for a moment.  You remember what we said about drinking poison and expecting the other person to die, that bitterness clouds your heart, rots your soul and forgiveness heals this. I sound like a preacher no? God in his own favour chooses that we see a new day, nothing that we do as human beings makes us deserve that favour. He extends his grace to us, us the injured party we should also extend the grace to them. You may feel that they do not deserve it but there is no wrong in extending Grace to people and in this case it brings you healing. I don’t know about you but I feel internal peace is a great gift to yourself. During Amira’s interview with Bria Nicole, a young mummy in the USA she said, “In the noisy confusion of the world, keep peace in your soul.” Allow peace people through the release of bile held for someone else.

It is the removal of road blocks. You now are able to live in peace with others and God. You now are able to focus on other things more, be it school or parenting. Have you ever been heartbroken? And you walk around feeling ayayaya! I just want to sleep or stay away from people and not do anything and you just focus? Same concept may affect how you view things even praying to God.


I hope this inspires your journey to forgive as well.

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