God’s Purpose Is Solid

The past few months have come with life changing experiences my way, I love 2016 already! It is just the year for me honestly, what I love most about it is the fact that God positioned amazing women in my life to enable me to let Go and let Him, literally.

I have so much to write home about but maybe I will just put it in bits and parts so that your eyes do not hurt while staring at the screen too much while reading, so stay tuned, I guess? Well a friend of mine, Wambui Mbugua contacted me after she did an amazing class with Mavuno Church that is called lea that is basically teaching both mothers and fathers how we are meant to parent God’s way. Without wasting time, she decided to share with me. At first I was not so psyched! Then I gained psyche on the way then lost it when the facilitator Carol said we have to start with a process before we actually do the lea program. I honestly wanted to tap put but I thought, that would be rude, my mother never raised me like that, so I was going to go for a few and then later on give excuses and not come. While I was busy saying all this to myself, God was probably saying to his angels, wait for it! It is about to go down for mama Chiiwo she will not even realize it. Popcorn?

So because I will talk about the program more in my vlogs and hopefully blogs as well, I will not go in depth right now but one thing I have gone home with *even though the program is not over* is peace and forgiveness, I found it! It has also made me look at life totally different, the people in my past and in my present as well. I know this sounds cliché but everyone who steps into your life, has a purpose in it, you will not realize it now but one day in your old age, saggy cheeks, no teeth, saggy boobs or probably no boobs at all with a smoothie in your hand and you bent back relaxing on the chair you will see it then, I hope you see it and give a thank You note to God for allowing them to come and go or come and stay.


Oh boy! I have so much to say I feel all this will just be a jumbled up post. So today I was so close to deleting the Amira Africa whatsApp group which serves as our online support group system. I woke up in the morning and found almost 2000 messages some from the group and some from the ladies who had privately in boxed me, some saying they are leaving and this is not what they expected even though they have been with us for a year now but hope that I tell them of future events and activities. So I set out to read all the messages and there I see it where it all started, the negativity plague again. We have a good time, we celebrate one another and our achievements and our babies and all, but sometimes negativity creeps in and this time round there were a bit of harsh names and words thrown about. To be honest when I finished the thousand messages I thought to myself, is it really something worth fighting over? Why were these women fighting? It is such a simple matter that shouldn’t have got out of hand. One of our mentors, jeddy tried to control the situation and decided ah! Bed time! Thank You for trying mama and all the ladies who were screaming peace the whole time. Last week was a different incident and I had to be called by the oldies to explain to the newbies what the purpose of Amira is. So here I am called Again to do the same thing just a week later, I was tired! So I decided I am going to delete the group because this plague seems to always want to be with us. Then again I understand, 160 MOTHERS!  Pregnant ones included our emotions may be high so God has another plan! This is the end of the road for the online support group system, maybe he wants Amira team to come up with other ways to continue with his ministry.

I was;

  • Disappointed
  • Low
  • Discouraged
  • Helpless that the support group will ever work as I had planned it to.

So as I was typing to explain to them what is Amira again and why we do what we do and why negativity is not allowed, I gave up In the middle and wrote in conclusion I am dissolving the group mums, so save the numbers of the friends you made and we call it a group! Then I went offline and stared at the kitchen counter for five minutes as all the emotions I mentioned above took turns and fought over my heart. Then something told me remember what He said in his word in Philippians 4; 8 so I took my Bible and read.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

I went all the way up to verse 2 and it talks about peace with one another. There it was, think about all the good  Amira has brought in your life and theirs, so I went back online and that is what the ladies were talking about, how they don’t want the group to be dissolved because Amira has.

“Made her reconcile with her mother through the prayers.”

“Has been a home to her and she is at peace.”

They went on and on. So I shared the verse with them and what I had thought about. Then we joined hands to help one lady who was somehow the ground for all of it because people were on different sides of the coin on this matter. I was also able to get a very wonderful idea on how we will be able to help more teen and college mums, still praying over that so that it can come to be realised. All of which I wouldn’t have realized if not for me feeling that way.

I am still wondering what to do with the group though because palipo na wamama hapakosi visanga, lol but God will lead us as this is his purpose in our lives. One thing I am writing home to again is this GOD’S PLANS ARE BIGGER THAN ALL OF US, HIS PURPOSE IN OUR LIVES IS SOLID!

Thank You wambui for introducing me to this program! It is indeed changing all aspects and how I deal with things, not just parenting Chiiwo and I am certain it will then enable the Amira team and I to positively impact the young mothers that pass through us to be amazing mothers. It came at the right time when our numbers are increasing by week.

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Love Always,




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