Healthy Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

Let’s talk about our babies skin, shall we?

Here are some points I feel are important to ensure our babies have a healthy skin.

Do not bathe your baby every day.  Sometimes the shampoos we use during the bath time are very harsh and leave our babies skin irritated and dry. I know they smell so good after a bath you could almost eat them. *yum!* however you can also just bath them with plain water and make sure you wash the folded areas well and the diaper areas very well or invest in shampoos that will not irritate their skin. Always get to know the products that your baby is using by checking the ingredients on the bottle.

Use safe lotions for their skins or mild oils. This also applies for the detergents you are using to wash the baby’s clothes with, should be as mild as possible. For new mothers wash the new clothes before baby gets to wear them even if you get them from a shop. Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. This also involves his beddings. Wash them separately from the other laundry in the house just as you wash your kitchen laundry separately.

Check your baby’s diapers frequently. Some babies just do not make a fuss when they are wet. Unless you have a toddler whom you argue with over everything *like me* lol.  He tells you that he doesn’t want you to remove his diapers and yet he can feel he just soiled it. So either you decide to force the soiled diaper from him or just relax and leave it with him, which I am not advocating for but parents with toddlers will tell you sometimes we just decide to let it be, for your own peace of mind. Make sure the diaper is not too tight for this can be another source of irritation to the child.

Shield your baby from the sun. You will agree with me it has been rather sunny of late, okay now the cold weather of July is creeping in but  imagine if that is how you are feeling when walking around and a how a small baby feels. You can invest in an n umbrella or a cap for him. An umbrella will do most of the time if you have a child like man who wears his “kofia”*cap* opposite way thanks to my guy pals showing him that is the way.


photo credits: pure natural photography

Make sure the areas around the neck are always dry. Baby can have milk clogging in that area after they fed or they may not have been dried properly so to avoid rashes around that area make sure your baby is dry especially where the skin folds.

Use gentle wipes and diapers. There are some wipes that are 90 and above percent water so this makes them the best for baby. Or you could go old school and use the nappy liners with water as our mums used to when we take a poop. There is this nice method I was taught one day when I went to see the gynecologist, it was a tablet of some sort or rather looked like one and then you would dip in a cup of water and use it to wipe the baby with it, the good thing with it is also you could wash it after and use it again. So in case you notice your baby is reacting to a specific brand of diapers or wipes, please change it as fast as you notice!

Do not overdress your baby during hot weathers and do not under dress them during the cold seasons as well.

Hoping to do more blog posts on taking care of our skin as mothers and also for our babies.

Have a great evening.


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