I just want to say, I love Amira readers! You guys did a great job campaigning for the blog to win in this year’s blog awards 2016, as I was preparing and reading for examinations, we were second with a difference of 6 votes. 6! That is like the total number of my family, lol. Anyway, onto today’s post.
I love to listen to founders and CEO’s while talking hence why i will always prefer to go to events where they are as opposed to a musical event. Not that they are bad, it is great to relax but it is just inspiring for me to listen to those who are “making” it. A lot of young mothers want to start businesses to be able to fend for their children while others are already in businesses and want to scale up their businesses. This is actually a post I promised to write up some time back, sorry for taking so long. It can also speak to someone who is not a young mother.


Cynthia Mumbo – CEO Sports Connect Africa

Articulate your vision, mission and dream of the company and make sure you share it with your staff. Most companies have a problem because you find even if you are so kind to your staff, they end up stealing from you or deliberately not meeting deadlines or just refusing to be co-operative every time, probably sharing with them this could help. I think also just hoping and praying you get the right people who believe in it to work with. Personally, I have had so many people who say how they want to help in Amira but when you give them a task, they end up not doing it or doing it poorly or other things suddenly become a priority and they don’t ride or die as much as they said they will, so just pray the right people come along to help you push it forward. Here is a tip: you will see it in their actions more that their words.


With Bidanya Barassa managing director at Top Image Africa and Jennifer Barassa CEO top image Africa.

You need to move from a one man mentality to a corporate image mentality. I know this is your baby and you feel that you need to do everything by yourself and no one will understand where you came from. When you were spending all your money for food to take a taxi to a business meeting and all the sacrifices you made. So you feel no one will ever get it, but you have dreams for it to grow, I hope! So you need to stop the one man guitar and allow it to run as a corporate.

Do not grow too fast, be gradual. It is not so good to grow too fast.
Get a consultant as well who can share with you the necessary knowledge in that field. Do not pretend to know it all, they can save you from a lot of heartaches.


Christine Khasinah – CEO Supamamas and Olive Gachara – CEO Couture Magazine.

Network with people in that field. Seriously network, go for these dinners and events and talk about what you do. Do not be shy about it. You will get to learn a thing or two from these people you meet. Hand in hand with these get a mentor, it can be someone in the same field or someone different. I suggest you get someone in that same field. My mentor Christine from Supamamas, even though Amira is more of a social enterprise for mothers in Africa I get to learn a lot from her and how she runs Supamamas on the daily. She always tells me, “You are steps ahead by hanging around these wazees.” So the same could work for you, be steps ahead by surrounding yourself by those who have gone before you. Do not forget to keep the relationships.


talk about what you do.. 🙂

Have a HR consultant who is PERMANENT. A lot of businesses go wrong by not having a permanent one. Even if it is a retired HR manager who can decide to work for you permanently is better than one who is not there 24/7.

Split the business into small business unit. After you do this choose a leader who knows and believes in the vision and mission of the company and knows where it is going, who will then report to you either daily, monthly or weekly on what is going on in their specific units. This again goes with trying to move from the one man mentality to the corporate mentality where not everything is done by one man, which is YOU!
STOP attaching yourself to employees. A lot of employers again fail in this field. Avoid catch 22 situations. Honestly, just avoid. It is okay to empathize but do not attach yourself to the employees.
In other news, do not take loans to pay for your debts as a company; only take a loan to scale up your business.

I hope this post is helpful to all of you who want to venture in the business world or scale up your businesses. Remember, greatness is in all of us and there is room for all of us to excel in our dreams.

Kind Regards,

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