Is Your Child Sleeping Enough?

One of those days insomnia kicks in and you do not know why, not that you slept during the day nor engaged in vigorous activities. I went to bed at 10pm and I kept tossing all the way up to 2am, finally I just woke up and sat there wondering what to do. So I checked up on everyone just to see if they are fine and safe and Lilian( whom I do not live with) decided that we should pray just to cover all we love with prayer and this lead to me blogging early in the morning, just to find I do not have enough bundles to upload the post. I am still not sleepy and the day is almost over. Thank you Lilian for praying with me and for me, beautiful souls are made of this. Feeling blessed honestly. She had a 7 o’clock class but she still took time to chat me up and dedicate me in prayer. Someone once said, “Friends create time for you and not only talk to you when they are free. At the same time surround yourself with people who you have a common future with.” Something to think about. 🙂

Anyway that experience made me wonder how much sleep our children need.

Lack of enough sleep leads to them performing badly in school, having behavioral problems or they become moody and sometimes in extreme cases may cause heart problems. This is the needed amount of sleep that our children should get according to their ages to avoid any health complication and to also help in their development.

  • Infants four months to one year of age: 12-16 hours, including naps;
  • Children one to two years old: 11-14 hours, including naps;
  • Children three to five years old: 10-13 hours, including naps;
  • Children six to 12 years old: 9-12 hours;
  • Teenagers 13-18 years old: 8-10 hours.

I am not sure about adults though: D seeing that I have only slept from 3 hours. I just know for a fact that the younger they are, the more sleep that they need.


Here are some suggestions to promote good sleep.

  • Don’t allow electronics such as TV, cell phones etc. in the bedroom; in addition to distracting children. You can also make sure you turn off the TV screen one or two hours before their bedtime.
  • Schedule social and extracurricular activities at times that will still permit the children to sleep during their recommended times.
  • Limit intense activity in the hours before bedtime.
  • Keep sleep schedules the same on weekdays, weekends and during school vacations. So that the children may adopt a certain pattern. I know some parents let the kids sleep late when they are on holidays and this warrants them to have an issue when schools open, so it is good to stick to one routine. If you set the bedtime at 8pm then that should be the time they sleep every day.
  • Have a bed time routine; this could be a bath before they head to bed, a song or a story telling time. For us what works is we have him drink his milk first then sing different songs but amazing grace is always on the list and then after we let him pray for us, my parents will then pray after him and he is ready for bed. That is usually around 8.30pm.
  • Lights out makes most kids sleep faster as compared to when the lights are on.
  • Avoid some drinks and food e.g. those that contain caffeine or energy drinks
  • Check your child’s environment to make sure it is conducive. You do not want to have the slightest noise in the room even the clock ticking can be a disruption to the child.
  • Limit day time naps for the older children.

However if your kids are getting the recommended sleep every day but are extra sleepy during the day then you should check with your doctor in case they are developing a sleeping disorder. You can decide to keep a sleep diary to monitor your child’s sleeping habits as the doctor would be interested to know.

  • What were your child’s sleeping times?
  • How long did it take them to get to sleep?
  • How many times did they wake up during the night?
  • How long did each awakening last?
  • How long did they sleep in total?
  • Did they do any exercise shortly before going to bed?
  • Did they take any naps during the day or evening?
  • Has anything made them anxious or upset?





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