Kids Fun Day Event! SPECIAL OFFER!!

Hey mummies,

If you have never heard of Supamamas and the events that they do for us to just  come together learn, network and connect then this is your chance. I attend all their events, I love them!. I get to learn so much. However most of the time they are just mums only and a lot of the mums have been mentioning that they would love a mum and baby event, Here it is! A kids fun day and as always the event is FREE for the parent. You can come with your spouse, boyfriend or a friend to help you around as baby has fun and also gets to interact with other children and just have THE time of his life.

This is going to be Fun! Fun! Fun! The one event that caters to young children in a fun and interactive way.
There will be plenty of activities lined up to keep your little one engaged and entertained, plus activities for ADULTS too.


The event will on Saturday April 30th at Nairobi Mamba Village, located in Karen off Langata Road starting from 10 a.m to 6pm. The Fun activities will include:
• Story telling. Been long since someone told me a story.
• Blada and Kati.
• A kids Pageant
• Kids gymnastics
• Magic and Puppet show
• Art and Craft activities
• Fun and Games including Blada and Kati
• Bouncy castles
• Face painting
• Trampolines
• Tug of War
• Treasure hunt and many more!

You can’t afford to miss it! you can’t! we love supamamas and they love Amira back so in partnership with them, if you purchase your ticket via Amira Africa, you get it at 300SHS instead of 500shs. At the gate it is 600shs and you can also purchase it via ticketsasa for 500shs.

Offer valid until Wednesday next week.

To learn how you are going to purchase your ticket through us contact us on 0734 033 376.


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