Loving Her This Christmas

Just a sneak peek in what was going on through my mind hours after I said goodbye to Peter Chege.

Inner me: I just can’t believe you man! I just can’t! Don’t even talk to me.

Inner me2: let her be! Come on, I do not see anything wrong.

Inner me: But she chooses work over art now! Art! This was going to be a good event
As well. I don’t even know her anymore. Who is she?

Inner me2: Do not be so hard on her, do you honestly think she was going to miss an opportunity to leave someone better than she found her, just for some canvas and colour?

Inner me: Art!! It has always been with us man! From birth! Amira found us here!

Inner me2: The dream man! Come on! It is just a baby; she needs your care for now. You must be there. Sacrifices have to be made, sometimes, things that you love so much!

Inner me: I have a suggestion; send one of your officials then.

Inner me2: OMW!! It can’t be the same. You must be there.

Me: *sigh!*

Inner me: You sigh all you want darling. ART!! Art it is.

Inner me 2: AMIRA!!

Me: Okay guys, at least we know it starts with an A. right!!


I added an art event called Sanaa Culture to my yearly events that I can’t miss unless I am sick and immobile. I was being offered 50% off on the ticket price for all their events from now on. This time round they were going to have barbeque, art! Culture and art! Wine or juice and art! Music and live artists and art! To top it all, there would be colour games or we were going to do something spectacular with colours. How amazing!! I would be done with my exams, counting down the hours to it. I was truly not going to miss it for anything, yeah! Or so I thought last week.



This year as part of giving back to the society the G-jenge crew is remembering the girls and under their theme ‘loving her this Christmas’ at Otto Hofmann Centre in Thika on 20th December. The centre is for girls who have gone through various issues, one of them being sexual abuse. Got me thinking of the three year old baby girl who was raped by her three uncles the other day and how her life has now changed as one of the founders of this initiative was talking to me over the phone. Why would someone be so cruel to a baby? I still can’t understand what humanity is slowly evolving into. How could I miss an opportunity to love her this Christmas? It is the least I could do.



G-jenge is a group of enthusiastic young men and women who came together back in 2011 and came up with an initiative to solve socioeconomic problems in society. As their name suggests they aim at encouraging self growth through creation of groups and platforms of members and to help the youth interact, air out their views and ideas on how to grow and live a fruitful life. Two of their projects stuck out for me, ‘Mwanzo Mpya’ where they offer mentorship to ex convicts and help them adapt to the new world and ‘To my beloved country’ which is a campaign to shun tribalism, encourage unity among Kenyans and to promote hard work and innovation in the country. I look forward with working with this particular group.




“I envision a body that shall spend their free time with the less fortunate and help build the community and give back to the community. A body that shall touch lives and help the society grow as a whole with emphasis to the youth” Rotich Brian {founder- G-jenge initiative}
If you are interested in joining the jijenge initiative as they go love her this Christmas, they meet at the Bata near Hilton Hotel at 9.30am and will then depart as a group at 10am. They are also requesting a contribution of 200kshs to be able to buy sanitary towels for the ladies, any other gift from your heart is welcome.

0700149012 (peter Chege)
0721139158 (Brian Macharia)


Am sure now you know where I will be on 20th.

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