Emma, 27 years old is a single mother. Her daughter Lanisha is such a beauty. I  first met her before I interviewed  her for this blog, After the photo shoot I requested her to send me her story. That was months ago, I did not share the story then because I kept asking her for more information. She was a bit reluctant, I kept encouraging her to share her story. Months later, my friend  Eric from Fatuma’s voice sent me a poster and guess who the speaker was?  Emma! Now that we were friends. Is text her about how thrilled I was to be attending this particular session because finally I was going to listen to her journey. The truth is I love listening to people tell their stories. Especially   their ups and downs in life, it gives me a sense of motivation when I am low. This is because it makes me know that the good is yet to come. As I sat down listening to Emma,  I kept asking Ciki if my mascara was coming off because I had cried a lot.  I couldn’t believe how someone could go through all that yet still smile and look so beautiful.  Emma! You are my hero! You rock!

Anyway, guys.. Meet Emma.

Her mum had her at the age of 19years. Her mother was a civil servant and her dad a cop. She therefore grew up on the law side of life. However between the ages of 4-6 years old she witnessed terrible violence meted on her mother by the father. Sometimes she tried to defend her beloved mummy which resulted in both of them being violated by the father.  They solve their issues by fighting. Her mother called it quits and decided to leave the dad when Emma was 7 years old.

Her mum told her dad that she would be leaving. When she had finished packing her stuff and  that of her girl ready he demanded that she leaves his daughter if she had to go least he does something crazy. This little girl grew to be the lady who would gain admiration from many for her beauty. Of course breaking many hearts, The father later on was reported and arrested for being violent to the wife. He lost his job and down went his career.

Emma and the mum started life afresh in Nyahururu, she loves  Nyahururu .They were at peace. Emma’s mom surrounded her with love. Today, she does everything to provide for her mother and makes sure that she lacks nothing whatsoever.

A few years later, the father returned, apologised for his mistakes and asked for a second chance to make the marriage work. Emma’s mother believed him and gave it a try. Emma laughs as she says “hii kazi ya kuzalia mwanaume saa ingine.. *This job of having a man’s child at times*. As the old adage goes, ‘old habits die hard’. The peace did not last. The man got back into his past ways. He was always drunk,  violent towards the wife and to make it worse he did’nt have a job to sustain his family  making Emma’s mummy the sole bread winner for the family. During this period Emma’s mother got expectant. Shocking fact is one day they came home and he was no where to be seen, he abandoned them and went to start another family elsewhere. He did not leave with just his personal belonging, but went ahead and took everything. I mean he swept everything in the house clean! Not even a spoon was left.  Everything! They were forced to start again.  Emma was now much  older and another baby was on the way.

Emma was forced to take care of her brother most of the time as the mum since they were taken to the same boarding school while still in primary school. She became a ‘mother’ at a young age. She says, she was a bright girl in spite of all the challenges she faced in the family.  She did well in school and passed very well. She went  ahead to a great high school where  she soon discovered would be a platform where her life would change.


 She got to have a personal relationship with God when she joined high school. On top of her beauty and brains, she was disciplined and a role model to her peers landing   her the post of the prefect for the French department. Her mother started  dating when Emma was in form two. The relationship was  not as solid as she wanted making her change from one man to the another. The men do not acknowledge Emma and the brother and were not keen to form a relationship with them at all. This pushed Emma away from her mother as she felt that she was not keen on her feelings anymore. She tried everything she could to grasp her mother’s attention but to no avail, it was always met with beatings and arguments, she did not see the basis of where all this was coming from, as a result Emma decided to be rebellious to teach her mother a lesson, to seek that approval, that love that once was there hoping that the mother would be motherly enough to address the issue.

Emma found herself withdrawing and rejecting her relationship with God from then on. She was looking for attention. At that time she had found herself a man whom she would sneak out of school together with her “click” to have a good time with. She did not care much about her education at this point. She was now on her own. Due to this she failed her mock exams terribly but she did not care anymore, she hoped that would catch her mother’s eye. She had enough just days before (Friday) the main exam on Monday and decided to call one of her male friends and sneak out of school.  Her life of partying, weed, liquor and being free had just begun.

Later on she learned that her mother was called by the school on a Monday morning informing her to bring Emma to school as the exams were about to start. She was nowhere to be seen. Her mum fainted because of shock. She couldn’t believe that her daughter would be so unfair as to do this to her but Emma didn’t care, she was where she wanted to be. With the ones she wanted to be with doing that which she always wanted to be… FREE!

Emma lived in Rongai with her friends and during this time she meets the love of her life, Kafwe. He introduced her to taking weed and spending nights at night clubs while during the  day watching movies, repeating the same cycle over and over again.

*… be continued….*

  • chrisitine

    kinda had a problem with the flow but I think I got the hang of it.

  • SimplyWambui

    Interesting story but needs editing for better understanding

    • Hey SimplyWambui,

      Will for sure look into that again, our editor had gone through it. thank you so much for the feedback. 🙂

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