Momazing With Nelius Mwangi: Nairobi’s Fashion Geek

neliusAmira: Who is Nelius Mwangi?

Nelius: A passionate woman 🙂

Amira: How old were you when you gave birth to your baby boy?

Nelius: 29 🙂

Amira: What are the challenges of being a mother?

Nelius: I love being a mum! Honestly none. Everything is no new to me, so its very interesting learning along the way.

Amira: What’s your greatest fear as a mother?

Nelius: My Nanny being careless or mistreating my child while I’m away.

Amira: What lessons have you learnt from your sons?

Nelius:  I am still in the learning process, but I wouldn’t beat myself up so much. I don’t have to know everything and be 100% perfect.

Amira: What kind of lessons have you taught your son so far?

Nelius: I don’t let him have his way all the time. There I fine line between spoiling your child and loving them.

Amira: What kind of activities do you do with your sons for fun?

Nelius: My eldest loves his play station and swimming, so we do that a lot. With the baby, we read. I bought him several books and he loves it when we sit and lip the pages.

Amira: What wouldn’t you allow your sons to do?

Nelius: Disrespect people, talk back at them or even bull other kids.

Amira: I love the fact that you have a step son and love him like your own, advice to ladies in your situation and those baby mamas who bring unnecessary drama to their baby daddy’s wives.

Nelius: Everyone’s situation is different.  But the child’s well being should never be compromised.

Amira: Describe the relationship between you and your babies. What type of mum are you?

Nelius: I can flip the switch at any moment. I am a disciplinerian for sure but I let them know that only when they do something wrong will they be punished. Otherwise I am very fun.

Amira: What inspired you to start a fashion blog?

Nelius: I love styling and making the most out of my closet. So I wanted to document my outfits 🙂

Amira: What or who is your inspiration in life and also in terms of blogging?

Nelius: My mother is my biggest inspiration, She is a hard working woman. Raised 3 kids. She is humble and I want to make her so proud of me. She is also a glam ma. In the blogging sphere Ada, a Nigerian living in the UK. Her blog is No Ordinary She.

Amira: When you can’t think of anything to wear, what’s your go-to outfit?

Nelius: White tee, Skinny jeans and flats. And red lipstick OFCOURSE!

Amira: Being a fashion blogger what is your definition of beauty? Do you sometimes see someone and feel like styling them in the middle of town? 😀

Nelius: Beauty is  being confident in who you are. Carrying yourself with respect, you are a lady act like it. As for the outfits I see in the srteets… well I just cringe Lol! 😀

Amira: What is a fashion no! no! for you..

Nelius: Two things: wearing clothes too small for you and wearing wrinkled clothes.

Amira: What challenges do you face as a blogger in Kenya?

Nelius:  People don’t want to pay for your services. And if they do they are offering little to nothing.

nelius-2Amira: What outfit would you recommend for a date night?

Nelius: MIDI figure hugging black dress.

Amira: What do you think your readers do not know about you?

Nelius: That I have 3 tatoos.

Amira: Aside from blogging, what else do you do from a day to day basis?

Nelius: I work for one of the largest Advertising agencies in Africa. – I’ll leave it at that.

Amira: What are the future plans for your blog?

Nelius: Yes, I am working on website as I have plans to open an online store.

Amira: A lot of people have misconceptions about losing weight via electrotherapy like; you might become infertile, tell us about your journey with slim therapy and a word for those who may have misconceptions about it and why you decided to start it?

Nelius: All I will say is try it! Women don’t share their secrets whether is where they shop or who does their hair, this is one of those secrets women keep only for themselves.  It works wonders.

Amira: Are you involved in any philanthropic activities?

Nelius: Yes, currently working with Cancer for Women on the importance of getting a pap smear done annually.

Amira: If you were a baby product? What product would you be and why?

Nelius: Sudocream,  it a magic creams, from Eczema to nappy rush it soothes it all!!

Amira: Which book would you recommend to someone?

Nelius: The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo, his writing is just beautiful.

Amira: Parting  shots?

Nelius: Don’t see anyone’s life (especially on social media) and think its roses and Diamonds, DO YOU! What is meant for you will NOT pass you.

Amira: Do you think Amira Africa is a helpful platform for young mothers in Africa judging by what we do or them?

Nelius: Definitely, so much to learn here and such a good platform for mums.

Amira: What advice do you have for young mothers?

Nelius: Enjoy your baby, social life ( the parties, the drinks the road trips) will be there forever. But your child will only be a child once. Give them all of you.

Photo credits:  Boy On The Ledge

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