Sometimes after giving birth women tend to feel not as sharp as before. It is not that after babies your IQ changes, it is more of your priorities change therefore you seem to forget the not so important things but when it comes to matters of your baby for sure we all seem to remember, like their bath times, their feeding times, oh! I need to change his diapers, such and such. I mean who cares where the remote for the television is. You know? I remember a friend and I would always try and imagine what is going on in a ‘blonde’s’ brain if she is walking and chewing at the same time. It would be like walk, walk, breath, breath, okay now chew your gum! Haha. In the event she forgets to breathe she just collapses and dies. Maybe it just can not do things simultaneously. However that is not we become after birth ladies. Our brain just shuffles what gets our attention.



A lot of the time I walk inside a room and it is like my brain just formats and I can not simply remember why I came into the room in the first place. Sometimes I can be talking to someone and forget what I was about to say or they told me something and as soon as we part, I simply can’t remember. Last year I forgot a couple of birthdays and people really caught feelings so I trust my brain this year will not get me in similar trouble. I really tried to explain to my friends that there is something going on and I keep forgetting stuff but only those with babies could relate. Once again I apologize if I forgot your birthday.

During pregnancy the brain functions differently increasing activities associated with emotional skills so as to ensure that you are attained to your baby’s facial emotions at birth and bonding becomes easy. Also our hormones during this period play a very important role in this. Do ensure that you sleep very well especially during your first and third trimester. It is 100 percent normal to have memory lapse when you are busy, stressed or short of sleep.

So how to help yourself during momnesia:

Write things down that you were meant to do during the day more like a day planner. You can have sticky notes that you stick at places you can remember in the house that will tell you what you are meant to do.


Delegate some duties to others; you do not have to do so much when there are people who can help you around.

Get more sleep.

Take a long bath, go for slow walks and eat your dinner leisurely. You need to relax.

Keep items you use regularly in one place.

Keep your sense of humor. Do not get mad at yourself when you keep forgetting things, laugh about it sometimes. Yes sometimes!

Load up omega 3. It is very good for your brain development.

Chow down on choline. This mineral is the building block for a memory-forming brain chemical called acetylcholine. Researchers believe that eating plenty choline rich foods during pregnancy may help boost both your and your baby’s brain function. Types of choline foods include: egg yolks (use DHA eggs to pack a memory-boosting omega-3 punch), beef, milk, soybeans (enjoy them in their crunchy roasted form or steamed in yummy green pods), citrus fruits, wheat germ, and nuts. However do not stop even after your baby is born because nursing mothers need more choline in their breast feeding diet for your baby’s brain is growing at a fast rate after birth.


“There is 15 to 40 times more progesterone and estrogen marinating the brain during pregnancy,” Louann Brizendine, MD, director of the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at the University of California, San Francisco, says. “And these hormones affect all kinds of neurons in the brain. By the time the woman delivers, there are huge surges of Oxycontin that cause the uterus to contract and the body to produce milk — and they also affect the brain circuits.”

P.s Do note that momnesia is not a permanent condition, very very TEMPORARY and it will end before you know it.

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