If you have been fortunate enough to be able to employ domestic workers in your home, you have also been unfortunate enough to have to endure or be entertained by the drama that comes with it from time to time. I am not sure why many domestic feel as if they are doing you a huge favor by actually working for you, however I am just in my early twenties what do I Know? But one thing for sure, me no want any nanny drama. I don’t like the mere fact that they can at times not be honest with you and will inconvenience you in the best way possible, not cooooo and go on living their lives unaware of the distress they caused you when they did something or randomly left. The most mind blowing part for me is that most times it doesn’t matter how you treated them, whether you treated them like your own children they will tend to disappoint when you least expect it, the same sometimes goes for employees in some instances, they steal from you, jeopardize your whole business and its reputation etc. I can see employers nodding right now as they read, but yea it is not nice. Not all of them are bad; I am just talking about the ones who are not coooo… There are some really amazing domestic workers out here just that I am yet to meet them. It is actually worse for some young mothers apparently because they tend to look down on the young mother, most of them are around the same age if not slightly older.

I have a couple of nannies for bae, and this is how some of them just left me hanging, I bet right now they are singing Adele’s song, hallo from the other maybe no! But the Swahili version kills it for me so yes please, especially the toka kwa mataa part! Hehehe love it!

There was Mackrine, I hope I have spelt her name well. For her she was amazing with baby. Reason I remember her was she was pregnant but she constantly said that she is eating well and thus developing a “kitambi” so because you don’t want to stress a pregnant lady with house chores, you all know how some of us were super lazy at times not to mention her emotions at times so we decided to lay her off in good faith so she could rest more, but the lady took some of my clothes and bae’s! Now what is that surely? How can you steal my baby’s clothes? During pregnancy you are walking half energized half tired and every cloth has a story, at least for me so how can you just run away with my memories like that? I hope she had a safe delivery and her baby is bouncier than the bouncy diapers (p.s I am not marketing bouncy diapers today)

Then number nanny number two came along, jovial lady. Then one day as we were having tea she asked me a strange question.

((kiswahili)) “Have you ever aborted before?”

“No, strange question”

“What made you keep your baby?”

“I love kids and I love life. Infect I am a sucker for life and more life”

“I heard that strong STRONG tea without sugar helps in abortion.”

“I have no idea”

“Sawa! Asante. Then she walks away.”

In three days all the tea leaves in the house plus coffee was over. So I talked to my mum about the strange conversation we had had because she had mentioned she was unwell and when I offered to give her money to go to hospital two days after our conversation, she requested to wait for some time. Who is sick and doesn’t want medical attention. So we called her mother and informed her which then she said it would be better if we bring her over the weekend. Congratulations on the birth of your baby as well 🙂

The next nanny we got was from upcountry. She was willing to come but unfortunately said she was unable due to financial constraints and so mum dearest sent her cash to travel from the land of fish and more fish. When she arrived you could see that there was nothing rural about her from her dialect to how she did her things. How she looked like. Not that there is a certain way that they should look like or behave but I know you get what I mean at the end of the blog post. So she arrived on Sunday, worked on Monday and on Tuesday when my kid brother got home she requested to go to the shop as he holds bae for a minute. When we got home we heard that she had gone to the shop hours ago. We waited! And waited! She still hasn’t reached the shop yet months after, fit to say she walked back to her local shop in Kisumu.

Moral of the story : when you go to the shop carry all your closet in a suitcase, just like your personal hairdresser, some people are loyal to only one shopkeeper all their lives. If he ain’t selling, you ain’t buying.

Onto the next I guess. Her name was dolphine. Every time I would call out her name I would feel like I am in the deep ocean somewhere swimming with the dolphins. She was just straight outta high school and anticipating to join campus in a few so she would be with us for a short time. She and bae really loved one another and you could always hear her sing to him and engage him in all her conversations even though at that time he was not able to talk. I really liked her to be honest. Then one day dad and I are awake and ready for work only to reach the dinning room and find no breakfast prepared. We thought, she must have overslept, she must have and its okay we all need that extra rest sometimes. Shock on us there is nothing to her name in her room, dolphine went! With my dolphins dream, how dare she! Anyway, so when my kid brother had a bathroom call at like 5am, he found her awake and she thought she just wanted to rise early today, kumbe! She was preparing to leave. What irritated me the most was she left the doors plus gate open. But why would you go with my dolphins dream like that and risk my security plus that of my family. Isoooorait dolphine… is oraaaaight! *Della’s mafeelings song playing*

Moral of the story: Not everyone who makes you feel like playing with dolphins in some ocean cares about your security.

I really love my recent nanny, she was almost my mummy’s age, I think. She is a dime but when we checked in her room today, there was nothing of hers. So I really hope she comes back. If not, we are grateful for the service she has provided for us in our home. I mean, you would not give bae something before he tells he “let me take to Ateta (agnetta)” that is love! Right there :,) At least she should have said goodbye to the little prince because I am certain they have had a couple of amazing memories together. Anyway, I hope she comes back.

*Emotional Much*

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  • Tsaminamina

    Sorry for the drama. Be very happy they leave your son perfectly ok. Some of us have horrific stories. The mafeelings you catch mmmh … only God helps to let go. I always tell any new nanny “Kazi ikikuchosha hata kesho, sema nikulipe hiyo siku moja tuwachane roho safi.Usiwe kama mfungwa hapa.” I hate the drama.

  • Gertrude O.

    Horror with nannies … no wonder I don’t use one or ever employ one. I prefer day care facilities. Come to think of it, you can leave your day job establish a daycare where you get to have the comfort of seeing your son and care for him. Or better yet, please use some ”reinforcement” like installing some cctv or camera in ”secure” locations around your home where you get to monitor the events of the day.

    Of course, all methods have got their pros and cons just find one which suits and works for you . . . after all, you know best! I’d never use a nanny really.

    Enjoy motherhood.

  • Janet

    Looking for a nanny, look no further than a mother.
    They will take care of your baby, plus if you arent living with your parents or older relatives they really help out in advising you about parenting and give the best kienyeji solutions to some problems that always work…………i have been lucky to find my nanny who so far is really good and loves my daughter.

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