My Name is Manuela :)

This is part 3 of Esther Waruri’s story which began here.

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I called her father hoping that he would run to bless his child perhaps, cuddle her, give her love even if for a moment but first he acted like he was unaware of who I was. All he said was he wanted to enjoy his life as he does not consider himself a father. His parents are still unaware that they have been blessed by a grandchild so angelic she makes your heart melt. Sadly mum had to go back but I was happy when the 8th of June she came back to celebrate Manuela’s dedication day with us. I have bumped into baby daddy once in a mall and he literally ran away from me but I forgive him. Something I learnt motherhood begins from the moment you start carrying your child in your womb and it changes your life in all your aspects. Starting from the pregnancy it sure is one of the best experiences to ever have.

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First of all you grow up because it’s no longer about you it’s about another life that comes before you, sacrifices have to be made, important decisions have to be made, needs have to be attended to and your way of living also changes. But all you have to do is to embrace it with love, patience and most of all acceptances. I have had my share of challenges but I am glad I made it through. my daughter gives me strength to get through anything, she has made me realize how blessed i am to have her and to be her mum, to always appreciate life with all it ups and downs, to give thanks in everything and most of all she has given me so much joy. Everyday i wake up and stare at her and I just find myself smiling and I feel so at peace and I am grateful. I may not be perfect but whenIi look at my child I know that i got something in my life perfectly right. No words can explain the love I have for her. There is not a day that passes by that I do not thank God for having made the right decision and the courage to have stood up to my ex and refused to have aborted.

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You are out there and maybe you opted to abort due to your own reasons and probably you regret each and every day, maybe it haunts you whenever you see someone’s child or anything that reminds you of your child, probably you feel guilty and think what if you did the right thing and kept the pregnancy? Well it may be hard but you cannot live in the past and the pain in your heart will end but in addition to that what I can say is that we have a God who lives and is a forgiving one. He is the only one who knows your pain; He can see how you struggle with the regret in your mind, heart and soul. He doesn’t judge but actually loves you so much. He doesn’t take you as the most sinful one because we all are sinful but because of His grace and mercies are sufficient He forgives us and takes us for who we are sand gives us another chance. most of all He loves us so much and all He wants is for you to turn to Him talk to him and open up to Him so that He can take way all your pain, suffering and sorrow. The other thing is to not do it again because we all learn through mistakes and that’s why we aren’t perfect give yourself and your baby a second chance and give him/her the right to live. Some of you may have unfortunately miscarriage but one thing I know is that time heals all wounds. It may seem like it may never happen but God is a faithful God and He will erase that pain one day at a time. Take one step a time, be patient with yourself darling and give yourself time to heal. Reach out to people you trust and talk about it because I believe sharing and opening up does help so much.

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Lastly, unto the men out there who are somehow going to father a child? Do the right thing and be a real man. That is by being responsible for your actions and taking up responsibility for your own flesh and blood. Standing up and being there for your unborn child and the mother of your child makes you a real man.

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For those ladies who seem to be going through the same thing and would love someone to walk with you, Mama Manuela is ready to do so as she is part of Amira Africa’s mama mentors.

Just drop us an email and we will get you in touch with her.

Run your race!!

P.S: I had to take photos with them before they left. 🙂

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This is Part 3 of 3 of Esther’s story. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

  • I love this. Also, I want to meet mama Manuela 🙂
    This is really powerful.

  • That’s a moving piece, i got immense respect for single mothers who make it in spite of the odds of having irresponsible baby daddies. i was brought up by a single mum and trust me, i know the struggle single mothers go thru.
    this is an inspiring story. Shame on the man who ran away from such a beautiful baby!

  • @Miss Kioi thanx i appreciate and i would love to meet u too.

  • alvin karume

    having known lil Manuela’s mum for a long time,I must say I realy admire her resilient strength and tenacity,not to mention the positive attitude she has faced motherhood with.I think this is a sterling example that should be emulated and broadcasted far and wide to let young single moms know they are neither hopeless nor hapless in their race!

  • @Abuamirah..thanx i appreciate..yeah huge shame on him

  • @Abuamirah..thanx appreciated…yeah huge shame on him

  • camrey

    proud of you darling …nela will grow up with such a wonderful and loving heart just like her mums…
    cant get enough of you guys …great job and continue doing the great work as you encourage the young mums out there …lots of love

  • Sandra Lenjo

    this is beautiful. All respect goes to you Mama Manuela as well as all young mums. Its proof that not only are women strong,but that a child is the most beautiful gift in God can give you!!! To all young mothers, you are amazing!!! Just remember that!!

  • Marylyn kayalo

    This is so inspiratoral…Congratulations Soni am so proud of you.God bless you and baby Manuela

  • Kristen

    The words of encouragement down below ignite some hope in me. Thank you for sharing your story and I am truly touched.

  • jane nyingi

    This is jane .we went to the same school( green cottage and stepperz ). You daughter has your eyes.its a shame that I didn’t get to meet and know her but rest assured when I come back to Kenya you are among the people that I will look for.

  • Ruth Malala

    wow really admire your courage and determination young lady,your positive attitude will inspire many young single mothers,well done your mom must be very proud of you,be blessed both!!

  • Emmaculate Thuo

    The Lil Angel’s mum Esther, we so proud of your strength, you are an inspiration to many wish you great motherhood as God be your source of strength. :-*
    Shame on that guy he has no idea what he lost.

  • Linda

    This is such a Beautiful piece!★ Much respect to Soni(Mama Nela) and the sweet baby… God Will Surely Never Forget You ♥… Keep up the good work of encouragement!

  • Timmy Aisha

    I love your positive energy young lady!!! may God bless and take care of the two of you…

  • Anne Nunah Kibunja

    This are beautiful souls , blessings Soni!

  • thax alot to all of u i truly appreciate that u read my story and that it is an inspiration to many…May God bless you encouraged my fellow single young mums ..hang in there God is Faithful.

  • Lilian Kamau

    Beautiful story…proud of you Missy. An inspiration to many and a blessing to your little one.God bless the both of you 🙂

  • beatie_li

    That is so inspiring!!
    wow..I’m proud of you. You choose to beat the odds and embrace motherhood. God surely has great things for both of you and your family. Stay blessed.

  • daniel

    i am sad too but am sure what he did he dint mean it he will some day see the essence of being a dad sawa soni?

    • I hope so too Daniel. that one day he will embrace the blessing that God gave him.

  • Deé

    daniel, of course he meant what he did that’s why he chose to leave the both of them if he cared he would have stayed and supported them through thick n thin ..he’ll never see the essence of being a dad cause such guys don’t

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  • Lilian Katule Mutuku

    Kasweety am so very proud of you. You are a very strong lady and your baby is cute I know I haven’t met her but we should arrange for that

  • Dear Pink Panther aka Esther,

    It’s incredibly sad that you had to deal with alot of the initial emotions about the pregnancy alone. But your brevity through it all is so inspiring, I can’t imagine how you managed. but you did. I just hope that little Nela will someday understand this concept of unconditional love that you embody so seemingly effortlessly. May your days together be so deeply deeply blessed and cherished.
    -Your old friend,

  • Very proud of my babygurl Soni and need I say am the proudest grandma. Doing the right thing at any cost is the road less traveled but that does not change the fact it’s the most rewarding.
    Amira Africa, good job.

    • Thank you Margaret Waruri 🙂 you are truly blessed to have such a family. I am a living testimony that is the most rewarding, I think motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a lady 🙂

      Thank you very much! I will keep up.

  • Raquel Muigai

    very inspiring. a strong lady indeed. may God grant you all that you need you are trully blessed

    • She truly is 🙂

      Thank you on her behalf Raquel.

  • anita

    hey Esther yu are such an inspiration to single mothers and yu handled everything so well..congrats on da baby n keep on going girl.
    Then Fiona,zainabu i see Lilian there n Michelle all of yu are doing something to change lives..kudos

  • Fiona Wambui

    wow! Esther this is so good and you are a really brilliant and blessed mum,with such a good and kind heart,right from primary school.May the good Lord take you to far places.lots of love.xoxo

  • Wambui

    Soni this is such a beautiful and inspiring story thank you for sharing. God bless you and your beautiful baby

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