No Visits Allowed From You! Yes You! :P

DISCLAIMER!! This does not apply to close relatives and best friends. Problem is some people think they are either of the two while in actual sense they are not, lol. Okay.

I know she just had a baby and that is the main reason ya’ll want to see her but I think you should consider the following reasons before you go visit a new mother especially if you are NOT going to help her around in the house to do a few things here and there.

The mother needs to rest. Whether or not you had caesarean section or went through natural birth your body goes through a traumatic like experience and you are super tired for some days. If you went through natural birth as myself you know the hot salty water experience. *sigh!* yikes!! So mothers to be they make you sit on hot salty water in a low basin about four times in a day. Painful!! More painful than the act of giving birth if you ask me but they tell you how necessary it is so that your wound may heal fast. So now imagine I used to make trips from the bedroom to the living room so that I could receive the visitors and not to mention how sitting down was a hustle. You had to put a pillow and strategically take a few hours. Okay! Not hours.. Long minutes trying to position yourself on that soft pillow. Pain!! Glad that is over. Still wanna have more babies. 🙂 babe. Six? Okay.. seven. hahaha You are also advised to sleep when the baby sleeps because if maybe they have colic then you are up the whole night rocking the baby to sleep so if you have visitors coming in shifts then you do not have ample time so this is the most important reason. The new mother must rest 🙂 Si tafadhali!

Some first time mothers are shy when it comes to breastfeeding in public and therefore will make trips from the living room to the bedroom in order to nurse the child, which is quite hectic for her to keep on moving from one place to another. Imagine if she was the hot salty water type, yawa! So she has to keep positioning herself to sit down every time she comes back to where the visitors are. Some of the new mothers are also trying to figure out the whole breastfeeding concept and doing in front of people may make them embarrassed especially if there is that one relative who interjects and claims that that is not how you breastfeed the baby. Well she may be right, but how she brings it out may make the mummy embarrassed.

You do not need unnecessary advice from the know it all people. We all know we have that one aunty who knows it all. The mummy is emotionally and physically tired, the last thing she needs is unnecessary advice from someone.

Special bonding time with the baby. This is especially for first time mothers. They need time to adjust to the whole motherhood experience. Now imagine if people keep on entering and coming out of the house. Then this disrupts the whole bonding process. Allow the mother to at least bond with the baby before you come visiting, they need it. 🙂

With Love,


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