Okadia Fiona (captain4)

Everyone seems to love to call me Okadia or “fii” so either of the two is cool with me, though I noticed those not so close will call me Fiona, always sounds weird. Well, I have a son his name is Chiiwo (gift) and he is really living up to his name showering me with all kinds of gifts this past year. 🙂 He is now 12months old and will be 13 this coming week, yeeey!!

About myself, well most of them are here 🙂 facts about mama chiiwo  so I will skip that part…

Amira-99 - Copy (2)

I want to be a mama captain because…

I realized a lot of us ladies when the challenge of keeping a baby comes our way or procuring an abortion we prefer the latter because we feel just maybe no one understands and how about school, what about if i keep the baby and my parents disown me etc etc, it is not that we really want to. So I would love to show you why abortion is not the option but life is, after all I am doing it and you can do it too, yes it has ups and downs I will not even begin to lie but the beauty is the ups are more than the downs and you will realize you will achieve much more. MUCH! more. Trust me!

If you would love to connect me, drop me an email at amiraafrica@gmail.com

P.s Remember in this life we all have a race to run so even if you feel you have fallen down as a mama captain you can always pass me the baton and I will help you run. *goes back to doing my body stretches for this, so that when you come I will be prepared :)*

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