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The other day I thought that it was high time that our education system incorporates a subject or unit in our curriculum that will teach our children about gender based violence and its effects and how we can fight it as a society. Then I thought how easy this will be if I was perhaps the cabinet secretary of education or his assistant. Or just maybe if I was involved in the legal system of the country then more policies would be put in place to solve this matter. A video of a house manager assaulting a two year old baby girl went viral and has made me a very paranoid mother. A day or two after a friend of mine sends me a video of a Kenyan lady already stripped and being sexually assaulted by the men who had stripped her.



As a woman I am angered! As a future mother to girls I am scared for the safety of my babies if this is the kind of society that they are going to be born into. Then it got me thinking, we could put the policies in place, we could introduce the subject in our schools but if we ourselves do not take the responsibility of others around us then what good will the policies and curriculum do? Because already as we speak we have policies such as the sexual offense act but really what is it helping the society with if these people can not be brought to justice? The person who was taking the video is the one who angered me the most, isn’t there anything that he could do to help the woman apart from taking a video of her and posting it for the whole world to see. Maybe there are some students who will read to pass the exam on this subject and not even really internalize the intensity of the matter. In this case then the goal for introducing the subject will not have been realized. You see, we expect the police to be the ones to help in such a situation but the first people who were taken to court on this matter was a policeman and his assistant for harassing a school girl for she had worn a mini skirt. Currently as a mother of a son, it is my duty to raise him to know that it doesn’t make you more masculine to violate a lady.


Chinua Achebe says, it is not bravery when a man fights with a woman. For when a coward sees a man-woman he can beat, he becomes hungry for a fight. The sentence speaks for itself.


We all come from different backgrounds, so to some of these ladies wearing a short skirt is not nakedness but an exhibition of their personalities and how they feel about themselves. Maybe she has worn short clothes all her life. So how comes this self appointed moral policemen do not cover her with a lesso or remove their jacket and cover her ‘nakedness’ and even tell her,”Madam, next time do not come to town dressed like that” instead of publicly humiliating her not knowing where she comes from. Wouldn’t that be more peaceful and less dramatic? That would be looking out for one another because I want to presume that they strip these ladies for they feel they are naked, so why not cover them up?


At the end of the day gender based violence is not a thing for the women in society alone to fight but also the men. I am happy with what the heforshe campaign is doing, men who are standing unshaken, confidently and saying it is high time that our women are treated with respect and are protected because at the end of the day we are all born of women but I will pose a challenge for these self appointed moral police, if you are not born of a woman then feel free to continue in your barbaric acts.



  • dinah

    Great article there siz. What the world has become is ‘A man kill man society ‘…regardless of relations,this is explained by the way we’ve forgotten about God as a Nation…and these are clearly acts of end times.

    • Dinah,
      Thank you.
      The one that I couldn’t understand was why an uncle would rape his three year old niece. Ah! I was shocked beyond words. a child?!

  • anice chets

    early this year I was so close to being a victim of the same but thank God it never happen and to this day I am still traumatised by what the men were saying and imagine my mum was with me… lecture told us a story of two Rwandise women who walked in a mini skirt back in the 80’s in nakuru town and everyone one in town was amazed by their beauty and confidence…my point is mini skirts have been with us from way back why the stripping now? why this abominable acts?
    something has to be done to STOP this acts and I totally agree with you.

    • Anice,
      Thank God nothing happened and he kept you safe. I can’t even want to imagine. You know, these particular type of men just look for a way to embarrass ladies, nature knows why.

      We are told to be the change we want to see in the world. it is time!!


  • First off let me say I endorse your #OrangeYourWorld movement completely.

    However, I just want to give my two cents on this stripping matter. You say that you “want to presume that they strip these ladies for they feel they are naked, so why not cover them up?”

    NOPE. Nope, nope, nope. It is not, and has never been, about these women’s choice of dressing. It’s not about mini skirts, crop tops, or any such thing. It’s about those men looking for an excuse, any excuse, to humiliate women and show their ill-conceived sense of power and superiority. This is no different from a man claiming he raped a woman because her dressing provoked him. Short skirts do not magically turn decent men into woman-stripping predators.

    That aside, I completely agree that we need some kind of gender equality classes in our curriculum (and, might I add, some decent sex ed).

    • Mbithe,
      I am so sure these men if they are asked why they strip our women they will say that they have done so because they feel that they are naked not because they are looking for a way to humiliate them in any manner. This is why I was bringing the idea of covering them up if they feel they are naked for it does not make sense to expose that which is already exposed.
      But I completely agree with you that all they are looking for is a way to humiliate these ladies.

      Thank you so much for the support towards the orangeyourworld movement.

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