Our Angels Have Rights

A strange mixture of fear and joy comes to all parents as they are from the hospital with their firstborns in the vehicle. There is a powerful sense of transition and new beginning and yet fear as well. It is a fear closely attached to question “what do I do with this fragile human being?” it is  healthy fear both out of awareness of the fragility of new life. A child is every human being below the age of 18years unless under the law applicable to the child.

According to the constitution of Kenya every child has the right:

1. To a name and nationality from birth


2. To free and compulsory basic education

3. To be protected from abuse, neglect, harmful cultural practices, all forms of violence, inhuman treatment and punishment and hazardous or exploitative labor.

4. To parental care and protection which includes equal responsibility of the mother AND father to provide for the child whether they are married or not.

5. Not to be detained except as a measure of last resort and when detained to be held:

  • For the shortest appropriate period of time, and:
  • Separate from adult and in conditions that take account of the child’s sex and age.


A child’s best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child. It is therefore essential that the rights of children are represented so that they survive and are helped to mature and develop in harmony. Remember the soul is healed by interacting with children. Scholarly study generally focuses children’s rights by identifying individual rights; freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom from fear, freedom of choice and right to make decisions. Ownership over ones body other issues affecting children’s rights include military use of children, child prostitution and child pornography.


If a child is given love, he becomes loving. If he is helped when he needs help, he becomes helpful. And if he has been truly valued at home by his friends and family, he grows up secure enough to look beyond him to the welfare of others. Most importantly each child has a RIGHT TO LIFE for the life of a person begins at conception. Allow your angel to run their race.

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