Patricia Wambui (captain2)

My son is called Jason 🙂 Wait! I am also meant to say my name, yea? I am Patricia Wambui. Jason is two years old now.

patricia wambui

I would love to be a captain of the mamaship since I know what one goes through,getting pregnant in college and all your peers turn against you,okay not all just a greater percentage and everybody starts treating you differently,the man you had trusted to hold you during this trying time asks you not to keep his child and with all that against me I kept the baby and shut my ears to the world and God became the only hope I looked up to,2years later and everybody adores my kid,it hasn’t been easy but its worth every pain and sacrifice that I have had to go through and I would really like to share my story with the young mothers to be, getting rid of the kid is not the only way out,let that small part of you be there to comfort you at all times.
I want to be a captain,it has  got so much resilience,determination and hope.

Drop me and Jason an email at amiraafrica@gmail. com and we will get back to you. 🙂



  • Joachim Muganda

    fionas sons uncle,,,,, proud of you fiona,,,, this z deep

    • Thank You Joachim,though the ladies who want to be captains usually will send us what they want their profiles to read. that reminds me I should be updating this list 🙂

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