Pink Nation

On 18th October courtesy of Amira Africa and its board of directors we were able to gather the different pink tribes. To show solidarity and support for all those battling cancer, and all those who have survived cancer as well. October being the world’s breast cancer awareness month we thought best to create awareness in this simplest manner.

Simple ways to prevent cancer:

Breast feed your babies. The longer you breast feed your baby the lower the risk of contracting breast cancer and apparently the younger the mother as well. I think because the estrogen levels in the female body usually exposes us to a greater risk of this hormone but during breast feeding one is able to reduce their estrogen levels.

If you find a lump, please do see your doctor as soon as possible. I remember there was a time I noticed one on my right breast. Amazingly I was relieved to find out that it was nothing serious. Due to the fact that I was pregnant at that time, the breasts were going through some changes and after examination by the doctor he said it was something to do with the fluids or something like that. I seem to not remember well. (Baby brain). If they detect it early, it can be eliminated faster. Go with a friend for support.

 Breast cancer sometimes runs in families. Therefore if your family has a history of breast cancer be sure to go for screening regularly. But it does not necessarily mean that because your mother had breast cancer you are likely to get it as well.


Limit your alcohol intake. The more you take the greater the risk you are exposing yourself to. In the event you really have to take liquor then limit yourself to only one drink a day. Alcohol usually will increase your o estrogen levels and thus will expose you to the disease. However some doctors seem to disagree on this but just to be on the safe side, limit your alcohol intake. Prevention is indeed better than cure.


Avoid smoking. Doctors have linked smoking to breast cancer. So please avoid smoking at whatever cost, it would do your body more good.


Exercise a lot and watch your body weight. Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer. If we reduce the amount of calories we absorb in to our bodies then it will also lead to a decrease in the cases of breast tumors found in women.Exercise!! Exercise!! You might be going to the gym, or if you are like me who lives 900metres from the road one way, walk to the road instead of taking a motor cycle. Run everyday. Just exercise and exercise some more.


And most importantly take a chill pill. Just relax 🙂 Stress leads to all kinds of diseases; high blood pressure, cancer as well. So just relax. It is never that serious.


Eat healthy. Avoid fatty foods as much as possible.And if you know someone who is above the age of 50years advice them to get screened regularly. Age increases the risk of this disease.

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