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What is B.S.E?

Breast Self Examination is where one checks for any difference such as lumps or change in the appearance of their breast. Check both the breasts and the armpits in this case. During examination check for lumps, discharge, bleeding of the nipple, itchy or scaly skin on the breast, if you have been feeling pain on one spot of the breast or a change in the position of the nipple. Changes in the breasts for pregnant ladies and those on menstruation are very common and may not necessarily be cancerous; checking with your doctor will relieve you from worry. Taking note that the earlier it is detected the higher the chances of surviving the illness.


Best news is nine out of ten of these lumps are NOT cancerous.



 How to carry out the B.S.E at home

Stand in front of a mirror for a better view. Relax your hands on the side and carefully look for any difference such as the ones named above. Change in shape of breasts, scaly skin on the breasts and shift in the nipple position.


Lift your arms above your head and notice the movement of your breasts. It ought to be smooth.

 Put your right hand behind your head and place your left hand on the upper part of the right breast with fingers together and flat, one can apply some oil to make this easier. Move your hand around the entire breast in circular motion starting from the end near your armpit. Use the flat part of the fingers to press against every part of the breast.


You can do this three to four times to be a hundred percent sure on all parts of the breasts for both of the breasts. Some lumps may be painful while others are not, therefore do not assume the ones that are not painful.


Hold the nipple between your fingertips and press hard checking for abnormal discharge, pus or blood.


P.S: Breast milk should only be present if you are breastfeeding or you are pregnant.

If any abnormality is detected please do consult the doctor immediately.








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