Prayer is My Special Ingredient.

You know how you joined or you join a university and they make you sign all these unnecessary rules before you are admitted? For me when I joined daystar they made me go through a process where I would PROMISE that I would attend both Tuesday chapels and Thursday Bible study diligently. After which I read a Bible verse and was then incorporated into the system. Failure to do this, the system doesn’t recognize you as one of the members so most students just do it. Before I hear you would write your testimony and how you got saved and then sign at the end, I can imagine the chaplain or however would read just smiling and praising God for you not knowing that some people lied all in the name of getting an education. So because it was forced (according to most students) most of us would go and just sit and sign after the service and then leave, not having heard a word the preacher said that day. It was protocol after all, who wants to remain there for a semester after graduation anyway??.. Just attending chapel and Bible study? Then I discovered that I could miss a few of them after staying in the institution after sometime. Totally not cool, but I did it anyway…

To cut the long story short the other day I set out to watch the war room.. Then I found the book instead… Fit to say! I AM BEYOND Blessed!! I even cried at some point because of how Tony had reformed and found Jesus again, I was moved! :,) Everyone should definately watch that movie or read the book for sure, if you need the book, pass me your email, shall gladly share it with you.


I then decided I was going to make different prayer sheets for the people in my life and the things that I would love God to do for them, p.s not that I never used to pray before but I never did it so diligently before as now. Afterwards I then went ahead and prayed for them. Not to sound like them Pharisees in the olden days who would pray in public and here I am telling everyone that I am now a diligent prayerful person, no! Just to show you from my perspective the peace that communicating with God reinforces in your life. Then after I was done, a strong feeling to pray for baba nani came to me, which of course I literally ignored! I was like uhmmmm, no! Not today man. Today is the first day. why should I pray for him anyway, I thought it’s just for the close ones and the ones who don’t give me headaches every opportunity they get.The next day when I was doing my prayer rounds in the morning, the feeling came back! So I decided what the heavens, let’s just do this! I made a general prayer and told God to help him achieve his hearts desires that day because the week was over… (Friday) etc..Etc… I kid you not; peace swept me over like a river. I felt so nice!! So I added him to my list 🙂 just like that! Of course I shall be praying for bae first, lol yeaaa…

I want to encourage you to do the same PRAY for him  which brings me to Mathew…

prayer 2

I loved Mathew 17:21 New King James Version (NKJV)
21 However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”

A lot of us young mothers take the pain to their confidants and other young mummies in groups we are in and forget to actually turn to the true peace giver! God. So you vent and vent and these other people chocha you! Eventually you go to bed feeling… yes!! haezi nishoow kwani nini. Mimi ndio Yule mse! But in your confusion and pain, you forget to pray! You forget to bring it all down at the foot of Jesus which is the most high place. I am actually listening to that song as I write.

I want to pose a simple challenge, when life treats you like garbage, sit, kneel down and pray! Even if you are in the streets of nairobbery find those public sitting places and sit down and pray, talk to God and tell him how you feel and….*wait for it* WHAT YOU WOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO DO FOR YOU! Be specific. Say! God I want peace! God I want a job! God I want you to change my life for the better!! But remember he is not an ATM.

Hopefully I can be able to share what I learn from chapel occasionally. Today I learned a very important lesson that the company you keep can form you, transform you, deform you or transform you! He then associated it with Ruth and Oprah. You remember when Naomi’s sons and husband died in the land of Moabites and she sought out to go back home to her people and so she decided to release her daughters in law to feel free and be married by other men and so Oprah kissed her goodbye but Ruth remained, glued to her mother in law like a problem. She chooses to stay and be mashed with Naomi’s people and alas! She is redeemed later on leaves her gods and even gets married, but the beauty of it all is that she is recognized as one of Jesus’ great grandmothers. If you understand moabs were a product of incest happened when Lot slept with his first born daughter, so they were a cursed nation but here we have Ruth transformed into someone new and is even in the lineage of JESUS CHRIST! Maaan! I don’t know about you but she kept good company and in this case I am not talking about her mama in law, I am talking about Jesus. Of course she learned about Him through Naomi which then later transformed her identity and she was made new in Christ!


I hope I am making you see the points here 🙂 I am not a preacher so  you know..

Talk about bad company, remember Samson in the Bible again, he was destined for greatness by God and was SET Apart to do amazing things for God. He was a nazarite and thus there were certain things he was not to do but as you continue reading trough the book you see he is spotted severally with harlots and then finally, the man falls in love boom! Team Delilah! Naa man! There comes his downfall.. his company deformed him in this case..

Sometimes the company we keep do not help us realize our dreams and visions do not align us in the direction that God wants us to be. Some people kill your purpose in life and you die even before you achieve your purpose in life. I will let you think about that. Do the people around you encourage you when something happens or just let you deal with your problems when something happens? Do they steer you to follow your dreams or are jealous with every step you make? Think about the right company in your life.. That impacts your life in a positive manner!

Look at these verses during your free time: Proverbs 13:20. Proverbs14:10 and proverbs 22:24

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