Put On That Shoe, Tie Those Laces


Dear violence,


We are not in the moods for greetings today or to ask how your family or cattle is doing.


We want you to think about that nine old baby who doesn’t understand what is going on in their home because people woke up to make burial arrangements. Yesterday her mother was tortured, beaten and left for dead by her own father, who realising what he did fled perhaps to a neighbouring village or town. According to the UN of human rights in 2013 about 5000 women die everyday due to violence.

We want you to put on that shoe and tie the laces





Violence against our women is unacceptable. God, He created man then he created woman to love one another, to be each others companion, to lift one another up, to make this world a better place. Until the end of time.

How about you put on that shoe and tie the laces?!


See, it is despicable. It is awful for man to abuse a woman, to take advantage of them and to use so much force and rage against the most beautiful creatures of Eden.

Our prayer is that these men would wise up for they seem to be lost in the shuffle of time.

Put on her shoes and tie her laces!!



How about these men use their God given strength to eradicate crime or make the world a better place for their women and children.

We have tried to write the words down, surely something to say for the way you have treated us women without guilt in your heart, day after day. The 1 in 3 who feel the swollen welts on their bodies, the 1 in 3 who cannot move ahead in life because of the pain they feel and how scared they are. Do they not feel the pain of their own rib?

The betrayal she feels in her heart that the one person she trusted so was the one who let her down as he threw her down, on the floor.

Please put on her shoes and tie the laces!!



Listen daddy, brother, these scars they will heal one day we are certain for they told us time heals all wounds. But the lesson is learnt and as for the son who saw you go after his mother with slaps and kicks? What happens to him now, what lesson has he learnt?

No don’t raise your hand on a lady again like that. Before you do why don’t you put on her shoes and tie the laces first.


Finally violence, it is time you come out of the shadows and face your fears, because now the hunter has become the hunted. As women and men (heforshe) we stand tall with our heads unbowed to stop you from creeping into our homes, from taking over our streets, from ruling our society.

So in short it is time you put on our shoes and tie the laces.




Beryl Otado and Fiona Okadia.





  • Patricia Andago

    I support you 100%

  • Kiki Gakii

    Gender Violence needs to end!!! #womensrightsarehumanrights

    • TRUE Gakii,
      violence against our men have to end as well.

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