Young fathers take the bull by the horns and take care of your own blood. It is not easy at first but it gets better with time. When you first learn of the news, take a deep breath and accept the news. He or she needs a father figure and what better man than the one who fathered him. Take a moment and visualize if the same thing happened to your daughter and aside from her dealing with that emotional anguish she now has to be the only provider for your grandchild or put yourself in the shoes that if it happened to your mother and you were just a baby at that time. I believe if everyone would put themselves in the shoes of someone else before doing something our world would be a better place. We would not have countless children who do not know their fathers because they were never man enough. For the young fathers who are there taking care of their young ones, trying to make ends meet just for them irrespective of all the challenges, take note that the proudest moments are going to come from your children. There is something I realized as well, you achieve so much more after your first child because now you have constant motivation, so keep on keeping on and give them your TIME and LOVE.  YOU ROCK!!

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