Soni Waruri (captain3)

They call me Soni waruri…mother to a beautiful daughter called Nela who turned 1year recently..well i come off shy at first but once we get to know each other i open up..I am friendly and very caring. I take my friends as my family.I love poetry..which I do as a hobby and swimming…also I love looove watching movies and weird enough I like sharing with people that is listening to them and giving them advice, more of aspiring guidance counselor hehe

…well I think that’s just about it. As a young single mother I have had my share of trials and challenges from the moment I found out I was expectant so it is my desire to help anyone out there who feels like being pregnant is the end of the world,who feels like they  are alone,who is just going through emotional turmoil, there is more to motherhood than just what people portray it to be.It has it’s challenges of course but it is the best job, full of happiness,joy ,pain ,blessings and laughter.

Let us walk together and match in this ship of mama bears..personally I am here to help,advice,talk to,laugh with and change diapers too hehe 🙂

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drop me an email! I can not wait to meet you!

I shared my pregnancy journey here, I am Soni Waruri

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