Terrific Two’s

Keep a positive mind always. There was a time I was chatting with an older lady and she decided to ask me how baby was doing. In my usual self of saying how things are; I mentioned about his terrible two nature. She then told me to call it a terrific two so that I can attract positiveness. She had a point, that as parents we need to speak positive words to our kids and make best of the situation at all times. Contrary to her challenge I think the behaviours have worsened. We cry about everything! EVERYTHING!! We cry when we try to get the clothes off so we can take a shower. Cry that we do not want to enter the bathroom. Cry when we don’t want to leave the bathroom and I ask myself or him most of the time, but you did not want to go in the bathroom in the first place? What is the issue? After we cry when we are getting clothes on. Sometimes may be that tom and jerry is not on tv and you have to explain it comes on during certain times, not all the time. So we basically cry about everything and anything and my reaction. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* That is when you look at your child and wonder what tendancies these are and if there was some crazy gene in the bloodline that suddenly hit him ALONE and missed you. What I don’t understand is he can clearly communicate but would opt to scream and even throw himeself on the floor, hitting his head and screaming some more. Yawa!! What is?? Terrific two’s can be exhausting, lucky for them as parents we can’t throw in the towel and just bounce off and tell them to carry on without us, the love is too strong. Ain’t no love like this.Reptiles are probably having the time of their lives*biology*


How to deal with the tantrums. Motherhood is a forever journey, you learn more with each child and as they grow.

  1. Ignore the child. I know some mother is wondering how mean I can be but true. I have found that it works, ignore them a bit. They will see you have and in some cases come to you when they have calmed down and will communicate easily to you on what they wanted or didn’t want before. I find this helpful because I have tried to reason with him eg it is so cold we do not want you to get a cold in this weather. Blah! Blah! Blah! It is like by reasoning with him I fuel it more. So now I just ignore.
  2. Let him act it out. Once I was in a supermarket and my son wanted to picl everything that I couldn’t afford at that time. So once I told him I am not getting those today, he threw himself on the floor and started his usual routine where it is either screams or he plays dead. I continued with my shopping on that aisle and the next checking constantly that he hasn’t “risen” and after sometime he picked up something else and queitly walked behind me towards the counter. It might have been 45 minutes or so. We all deal with anger and emotions as human beings so it is important for them to just also be left and deal with their tantrums alone. When they feel better, they will come back to reality.
  3. Have a distraction. It can be a toy or you can turn on their favourite show or play some music on the radio for them. This is because kids have really short concentration spans and thus will forget fast what has upset them.
  4. Embrace them. You can just hug them tight and not have to say much to them. Just a super hug. Hugs make the world go round 🙂
  5. Reward good behaviour, i learned this from my friend Laila. When he  bahaves well, tell him that he did. However do not reward when he stops a tantrum that way he will be wired to enter into tantrum mode knowing that once he stops then you will reward him which should not be the case.
  6. Keep calm! Super hard but sometimes I just try and keep calm. Otherwise I will end up shouting as well or spanking him a bit so he keeps calm which doesn’t help the situation much. So however hard it is, let us keep calm.

Happy parenting folks!!


Fi <3

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