Tips for safely bathing your baby


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I once shared step by step tips to wash baby for the new mums so that you don’t make a mistake as myself of almost drowning your baby, here.I feel it is not enough that we know how to wash the baby but also extremely important that we know how to make bathing time as safe as possible. I guess I have been hanging around Maryanna so much and she is always talking about child safety 🙂

Here are simple tips to help you have a safe bathing experience with baby.

  1. The basin water should not be more that 4 inches. This is because babies drown even in the least amounts of water.
  2. The bath water should be warm. My mama taught me to either test the temperature by either my wrist or the inside of my elbow to ensure it is not hot. You want to avoid scalds.
  3. Some children are extremely sensitive to cold and thus once you get to learn your baby or depending on how the temperatures are, warm the room or bathroom before their bath. A good heater should be about 3,000kshs about.
  4. ALWAYS have one hand  holding the baby. I had to learn the hard way when baby slipped. So make sure at all times even if the water is not as deep that one hand is holding on to baby.
  5. Be a great planner and have everything ready before the bath so as to prevent leaving your baby unsupervised when you have to rush and go get something. I would advice that you even go with her in case you need to fetch something as opposed to leaving her behind.
  6. Avoid bathing baby when they are straight from feeding, hungry or tired.
  7. Do not put your baby in the tub or basin and then run the water from the tap. The temperatures may change and become too cold for the baby or in some instances the water then becomes deep for the child.
  8. Ensure there are no electric appliances in the bathroom.
  9. When you are preparing the bath water always start with cool water and add hot water.
  10. Always wait until the umbilical cord falls off before you wash baby in a tub.



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