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Maternal health in Africa has been progressing positively over the years with an improvement in the health sector in general. Back in the days where thousands of women would die while giving birth and children would die due to diseases that were preventable or late detection of abnormalities that could easily be prevented to help them lead a normal life is now slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Felix Kimaru joined the team of bold men and women who are taking steps to improve the maternal health in Africa. He came up with Totohealth which  is an organization that uses mobile technology to help reduce maternal and child mortality and detect developmental abnormalities in early stages. It enables both mothers and fathers to receive targeted and personalized messages timed at their child’s age or stage of pregnancy. These messages are able to highlight any warning signs in a child’s health/development, equip you with knowledge on nutrition, reproductive health, parenting and developmental stimulation…. but what inspired him to start Totohealth? Felix lost his aunt while she was delivering his twin cousins and later on he joined an organization that was caring for children with disabilities. This instilled in him  a force so strong to help mothers all throughout their pregnancy and after so as to be able to detect any slight abnormal occurrence to enable the lady to seek help as soon as possible.

Parent A: How can I as a parent be part of Totohealth?
Fi: Log on to their website here and you will find a signup sheet that will require some of your details such as name, where you live, baby’s age est. nothing personal whatsoever so do not be hesitant, we are here to change your life and that of your baby positively  🙂 if you happen not to believe us ask the fifteen plus thousand mothers and fathers using this service weekly. We got you! So after that we will be sending you messages that touch on the following areas we have outlined above and if you have any question whatsoever then the guys at the help desk are ready to walk you through any doubts and answer all the questions that you have.
P.S if you have all the details of a parent you know will truly benefit from this service, be a darling and sign them up as well.

Parent A: Are you using TotoHealth yourself?
Fi: Yes I am! …and I get to receive the love and care as well.

Parent A: What have other parents said about Totohealth?
Fi: A mother in Kitui once sent this message to us on her delivery date.
“I wish to thank all the Toto health staffs for the advice they gave me throughout my pregnancy period and as the baby is due today I hope I shall have a safe delivery. Thanks once more.”

Parent A: How else can I contact TotoHealth?
Fi: You can do so through their email address or their phone number +254 (0) 708 173 467

Parent A: Another query though, what kind of messages will I be receiving once I am registered?
Fi: let us assume you are in your 9th week of Pregnancy; you will get such a message. “Vitamin D can help prevent miscarriage and stimulate normal brain development. It can be found in fish, eggs, milk and sunlight” –

Parent A: I love this already, so how often am I receiving the messages?
Fi: I know right 🙂 well… for both mums and dads you will get the messages on Monday and Thursday.
Alternatively if you can’t log into their website, you can register with Totohealth by sending an sms to 20209.

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